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Wilson: Takes issue with some so-called facts

Kathy Wilson

Up front, I will say I am an employee of Lowe’s in Silverthorne. I have lived and worked in this county for 14 years and I take issue with some of the so-called facts in your article about “hardship at the hardware stores.” Anyone who has lived here more than a couple of years knows that Lowe’s had nothing to do with those businesses going belly up and there is no need to go into detail further on their business practices.

I worked in hospitality for a couple of large ‘big box’ hospitality corporations and those companies never get slammed for putting some small property management company out of business. Lowe’s not only employees over 100 locals, who live, work, worship and spend our Lowe’s earned money in the county and did transfer in some managers, their families and their money to live in our High Country (many to be nearer to family members who already live in the area), and these people are a great addition to our county population.

Yes, it is a large store but run like a large family. We are all there because we want to be and our guests feel that connection. The money is good, benefits great, working conditions are fun and interesting. I enjoy going into work ready to meet new customers to help them with their project or ‘wish list’ (don’t we all have those?)

I remember living in the Durango area and people vowing never to step foot into the new Walmart, yet they would drive to Farmington to shop for lower prices taking their sales tax to a different city and state. Spend your money locally – yes Lowe’s is local as Silverthorne, Summit County and the state of Colorado collect sales taxes. Regards,

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