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‘Window’ is creepy

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I’m prone to like movies about writers, however tormented they may be.

And I like Johnny Depp. Or, as the guy I went to “Secret Window” with (who is not Richard but does work at the Summit Daily) said, “I could look at Johnny Depp’s face all day.”

That said, I walked out of “Secret Window” creeped out and not so happy. Which, I suppose, is the point of a psychological thriller.

Though Richard said he knew the whole story within 12 minutes and suffered through the rest, I, perhaps, was too caught up in staring at Depp’s unkempt hair to feel like the movie was overly predictable.

It moved slowly at times, but that’s the beauty of psychological thrillers; they creep along then hit you over the head. It doesn’t matter if you know you’re going to get hit over the head; the blow still makes you wince.

Depp brings an understated, eccentric flair to down-and-out, best-selling crime story novelist Mort Rainey’s story.

The movie starts out with an intense scene where Depp catches his wife (Maria Bello) in bed with another man (Timothy Hutton).

It takes an amusing breather as Mort sits in front of a typed paragraph and says, “This is bad writing,” then ruminates over whether to delete it. It’s every writer’s dilemma: Continue writing crap or stare at yet another blank screen. “There’s only one solution,” he says as he highlights the paragraph and presses the delete button.

But he can’t completely clear his slate. Minutes later, a man wearing a black hat shows up at his doorstep and, in a heavy Mississippi accent, says “You stole my story.”

John Turturro depicts the black-hatted John Shooter with an eerie conviction. After he shows up, Mort’s dog ends up dead, as do two other associates.

Mort’s life spirals even more out of control (he already sleeps, eats and breathes in a ratty bathrobe) as Shooter visits more frequently, demanding Mort “fix the ending.”

The climax feels a little cheated, yet it’s still unsettlingly satisfying.

Storywise, Stephen King’s “Secret Window” doesn’t hold up to “Stand By Me” or “The Shawshank Redemption,” but it’s no “Christine” either.

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