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KindergartenGold place finisher: Sebastian BarlowUpper Blue ElementaryI am a good friend because I share my toys with big boys and girls, and I share my toys with little boys and girls. I invite people over to my house. I also say, “Are you okay?” when someone is sad.Silver place finisher: Brissa VeletaSummit Cove Elementary”I Am a Good Friend Because…”Because I’m helpful.Because I’m playful.Because I’m easy going.Because I’m cool.Because I’m fun.Because I’m nice every day.Because I like every people.Because I like my friends.Because I have energy.Because I do my best.

1st GradeGold place finisher: Zac HillisSummit Cove Elementary”I Am a Good Friend Because…”I respect them. I make them laugh a lot. I make funny faces and I say goofy things. I play with them a lot. I share with them even if it is new. I am kind to them. I include everybody when I play games. I also make my friends feel good about themselves. I tell them they did a good job even if they didn’t. When a friend cries, I try to make them laugh. That’s how I am a good friend.Silver place finisher: Abby CharneskieSummit Cove ElementaryI am a good friend because I share my toys. I am a good friend because I help my friend when he or she are hurt. I am a good friend because I do not bully and tease people. I am a good friend because I like them for who they are.2nd GradeGold place finisher: Jessica HoriiSilverthorne Elementary”I’m a Good Friend”Since I am a good friend I think about others. First I’m a good friend because I help Spanish speakers speak English. I talk to the Spanish speakers in English and in Spanish. Next I’m a good friend because I share my jump-ropes. I let other kids use my jump-ropes. Also I am a good friend because I play line tag with the kids who don’t wear snow pants. The kids who don’t wear snow pants can’t play on the snow hill so I play line tag with them. Truly I am a good friend because I think about others.Silver place finisher: Megan McDonnell

Dillon Valley Elementary”I Am a Good Friend Because…”I am a good friend because I share, help, play and care for friends. I am a good friend because I share my important things with my friends. I share my sleds, shovel, pencils, and math cards. I also share if one of my friends is missing something. I am a good friend because I help my friends. I help my friends if they are hurt. I also help them if they are sad or if they get called names. I help my friends feel safe if they are scared. I am a good friend because I play with my friends. I am nice when I play with my friends. I also play well with them. If one of my friends does not have somebody to play with I will play with them. I am a good friend because I care about my friends. I care if my friends are happy or sad. If they are sad I will try to cheer them up. If they are happy I will try to make them happier. I really like to have friends around me. It makes me feel good. So I try really hard to always be a good friend.3rd Grade Gold place finisher: Sarah PalmerSummit Cove ElementaryI am a good friend because I am always there for my friends. When a friend gets hurt or stuck I am there for them. If my friend needs help cleaning up, I am willing to help.I am a good friend because others come first. For example when I was playing baseball, I let others bat before me. I let others pick the game. I let others come first because the world isn’t just about me. It’s about sharing, help, and friendship.It is important to have someone to laugh with and play with. It just makes the world go around and a better place to live. Friendship is so important to me. I would give almost anything for a true friend.Silver place finisher: Logan WeinmanSummit Cove ElementaryI am a good friend because … I like to listen to my friends ideas, we always try to combine our ideas into a game that includes everybody.I am a good friend because I lend help to friends in need, for example, if someone drops their books, I help pick them up. Also, when friends are feeling sick, I try to cheer them up my making cards with puzzles, jokes, mazes. I also write kind and caring words in them.

I am a good friend at school by supporting my team by helping take chairs down, pulling each others lunch cards, and helping work through hard problems with them. At the end of the day I help by stacking chairs to help everybody get ready to go home.I am a good friend when my friends come over because they like my house, which contains lots of games and toys for me to share, and my mom always makes me snack to share.Having friends gives me great opportunities to try my best everyday to share, be kind, and trustworthy. These are important qualities that will help me keep and make new friends for the rest of my life.4th GradeGold place finisher: Sean FatoraDillon Valley Elementary”A Friend For All”I am a good friend even though I have had both good and bad times. I am a good friend by sharing. I let my friends use things I find. I even let them have them. One time I needed this part to my yo-yo, but my friend needed that part too. I found that part, but I let my friend have it.I always stick to my friends. Whenever they are left out of a game or something I forfeit that game and go play with them. This one time at Fat City my friends went on a ride but I didn’t have any money on my card. But I didn’t leave them, I stayed by the gate, waiting for them.I keep my friends company. For keeping them company, I get a reward also and that is their company. My favorite thing is company. I love having company at my house. We sometimes sled on this big hill behind my house. We also do two player games. I say company is the best thing to have.My friends say that I make them laugh. I made a friend laugh really hard when it was “blast from the past” day at school. I came through the door in overalls, a straw hat, and wheat in my mouth. One time my friend found some paper at recess. For fun we decided to have a contest on who could draw a better world. It made him laugh because on each continent there was an animal. His looked sort of like a world but not exactly. It looked like a ball with globs of white on it. I’ve had good times laughing with my friends.I am kind to my friends. Not only my friends but other people. When I see lonely friends I give them my company. I feel bad like when somebody is left out, especially my brother. Last weekend I was going somewhere with my friends and he really wanted to go. I felt like taking him with me.I’m not just friends with people but animals. My best friend isn’t human. He’s a cat named Chewie. He gives me his company at night when he comes to sleep with me. I feed him and keep him clean, but I think his favorite thing is playing with me. A friend that I’d like to know better is John. He is a squirrel that lives in our driveway under rocks. In the fall and early summer me and my mom see him when we pull in the driveway.I can be friends with anyone by being kind, sharing, laughing together, and being respectful. I am a friend for all.Silver place finisher: Amaireni RamirezSummit Cove Elementary

If I want to be an excellent friend, I first do these four things. First, I always care for them and like them so they won’t be left out and know that I care for them. Second, if I see them feeling sad I make them feel better when they are happy I talk to them. They might not want to talk but I will never give up and try again. Third, I always play with them mostly every time and never let them down. If they don’t want to play I just find someone else to play with. Last, I will try to fix their problems and give advice to start with, the most important thing is to always share with them too. To begin with, I share because I think they might get hungry or just want to try it and you don’t want a hungry friend don’t you? To sum it up, I just want to be an excellent friend.5th GradeGold place finisher: Madeline VoutourFrisco Elementary”I Am a Good Friend Because…”There are a lot of reasons I’m a good friend. First let me introduce myself. I’m a girl with brown hair and blue eyes. I also am in fifth grade. I’m eleven years old and I have lived in Summit County for my whole life. Most important I have a great opportunity to tell you who I am and how I’m a good friend!I’m a good friend because when someone needs me I’m there! One time one of my friends said, “I do not have any good friends.” I looked at her and said, “You will always have me as a friend!” Probably every day someone has felt left out. By being a good friend I don’t let that happen.You can do many things with good friends. For instance, you can play with them. You can share your feelings with them. Most importantly, you can rely on them. Every day you have a friend every moment you have fun.On the other hand, some kids and adults get mad because they don’t have any friends. Believe me, that’s not the answer. There is always a reason why you don’t have any friends. Like, you might be mean or you might say something offensive. Don’t let that bother you, say something nice or be nice, that’s always the answer.Attitude is everything when you’re talking about friendship. You can have a good attitude or a bad attitude. Which one should you use? The good one, of course! As I said before I have lived up in Summit County all my life and I have seen and heard a lot of attitudes! For example o n e of my friends moved up here from Indiana she had a great attitude so we became friends. Now we are best friends of all time!To sum up my story having a friend is as important as being a friend! “Friends are like money hared to get easy to throw away.”5th GradeSilver place finisher: Garrett TouseyThere are various reasons why I am a good friend. My name is Garrett Tousey and I am in fifth grade. I am ten. I was born in Vail Colorado. I have lived in Frisco Colorado my whole life. I love baseball. In fact I want to be a professional baseball player when I grow up. Read on and you will learn more about me, my friends, how to have and get good friends and why it is important to have friends.I think it is important to have friends because you can tell secrets to them. I think I am a good friend because I am kind, honest, forgiving, and trustworthy. I also have a good attitude and I respect others. One time I was a good friend is when a kid in my class who was a handicap, I helped him with a fire drill. He was really scared. He also did not know what to do. He thanked me and now he knows what to do.To sum up, I think I am a good friend in many ways. In fact, many times I have been a good friend to many people. I am very kind to people. I think it is important to have friends to trust and to play with.

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