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Wolach: Liddick guilty of scare tactics, himself

Hayley Wolach, Denver

As a member of the Energy Service Corps, I’d like to address some misconceptions in the recent opinion column in the April 2 paper addressing “Scare tactics in Summit schools.” The students that participated in the Alternative Spring Break from the Denver Auraria Campus are volunteers of CoPIRG Energy Service Corps. This is a joint program of the U.S. PIRG Education Fund and AmeriCorps. The Energy Service Corps is a completely separate nonprofit organization from CoPIRG (Citizen Action Group) that was focused throughout the opinion column. We are an AmeriCorps program, that works to help people save energy, the environment and save money all at the same time. All of this is accomplished through education and community service.

Our K-12 education focuses on future generations to cut our energy demand and teach about energy efficiency. The volunteers that recently taught energy conservation lessons among the K-12 Summit School District gets lesson plans from the Department of Energy and does not teach politically skewed topics. The students simply teach facts provided about nonrenewable energy, renewable energy, energy conservation, and energy efficiency. The lesson plans described in the opinion column; regarding “the step-by-step instructions on mobilizing the kiddies to advocate for solar power in the community” is completely false. We teach both sides of the renewable and nonrenewable energy aspects. The question that was raised about Summit County’s educators, to address that question we are neither anticorporate nor supportive of AGW alarmism. As for the educators checking the organizations background question, it doesn’t look like Morgan Liddick bothered to check the real organization that taught in the Summit School District from March 25-29.

Hayley Wolach, Denver

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