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Woodbury: Dollars wasted on Elkhorn Road in Park County

Amanda Woodbury

Elkhorn Road (aka County Road #15), has a very negative reputation as most people who use it will concur. The successive grader operators have shown no signs of experience or training in building and maintaining roads, since we lost the services of the most accomplished equipment operator, Rick Miller, years ago. What do we pay these people? What does it cost to dispatch the machines to the site to pretend to maintain the road? Does the road and bridge department really believe we are all stupid? We see how it is done as we go out in the morning. The blade lightly shuffles the small pebbles and sand from the barrow pits across the potholes and back to the opposite ditch, filling the potholes with ammo for deeper more expansive holes to develop before our return trip in the afternoon. The resident traffic has learned to pick a path between the worst spots and each time the grader is out there again it is observed with an exasperated groan because it screws up the current route in a matter of hours.

Do we hire experienced trained operators or do we hire people who demonstrate they know which level to pull or twist for less than the going rate for a professional equipment operator? Park County has a reputation for hiring many who have failed in other counties because they will work for less. This is not good enough for me and my vehicles.

I want interested taxpayers to join me in protest against wasting our tax dollars on this farce of an expense. We should stop allowing this costly waste to continue and demand that the money be put toward paving the entire road so we can cut the cost of maintenance and spend it necessarily on plowing snow. Sincerely,