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Would you let Michael Jordan and Warren Sapp play in the same space?

Donald E. Chisholm M.D., Keystone Ranch Road

I have a modest proposal to make about increasing the safety for skiers and boarders. These are two different sports and they should have separate areas to participate.

After five weeks of being flat on my back recovering from a broken femur, the largest bone in the body, I have some thoughts about the business of winter sports.

My thoughts again turn especially to those corporations using our National Forests to sell tickets to snowboard and ski. My accident happened Jan. 28 when I was hit from behind by a snowboarder in reasonable control who “didn’t see” me.

When I bought my lift pass, I accepted the risks inherent in the sport of skiing, not the risks associated with all the winter sports requiring other skills and other risks.

Basically, skiing and boarding are two different sports requiring different skills and having different risks, but for some reason they are allowed to happen on the same slope at the same time.

It just doesn’t make sense. It does not make any more sense than letting Michael Jordan and Warren Sapp play their respective sports of basketball and football using the same playing area at the same time.

Several years ago, I wrote you in this column with my same concerns. At that time, a friend was struck from behind by a hit-and-run boarder resulting in a brain concussion with three months of headaches and periodic CT scans and all the attending concerns.

So far, I have not received the needed answers that will make the two sports of boarding and skiing safer on the slopes of Colorado for my children, my friends and myself.

I think a trial of separation of the slopes for each sport makes great sense and would not be an economic hardship for the corporate entities involved and would decrease the legal liabilities. What do you think?

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