Yes, I understand the historical perspective of revolution |

Yes, I understand the historical perspective of revolution


RE: Backing the Summit Soldier, and taking to task one response (Daily Mail, Feb. 10)If my response to the Summit Soldier was “emotional,” I am pleased because I have humanitarian instincts, even towards Iraqi children, especially those whom the U.S. may have killed. Mostly one should question the Summit Soldier’s attempt to fit current events in Iraq into a historical perspective. I do not understand why Mr. Morgan Liddick has to defend the rather weird interpretations that the “soldier” relates. (Is he an officer, or perhaps a CIA operative? How else would he know what al Qaeda thinks of the American Revolution?)Yes, Mr. Liddick, I do know of the French “invasion” of the Ruhr, after World War I in which the French tried to exact reparations “in kind,” i.e. coal and iron ore from Germany. The French were most unwelcome and not very successful in their quest, which lasted less than a year. The U.S. has been in Iraq for more than three years. There was a U.S. military presence in Russia in 1918 when all the former “allies” in World War I tried to reverse the Bolshevik Revolution by invading Russia from the Arctic Ocean at Archangelsk. They were totally unsuccessful. I think there is no parallel in either of these situations to Iraq today. The Summit Soldier does not know much history. You are right Mr. Liddick, about my lack of knowledge about the formations in Iraq, which, after all, did not exist until the 1930s. I am not a particular fan of the Kurds, but I know they have endured much mistreatment at the hands of the Turks and probably the Sunnis and Shiites too. Since I learned Middle Eastern History at Georgetown University from a professor who was almost a Christian fanatic, I don’t think I want to read any of your suggested three volume “tomes,” to prove that the Muslims are terrorists. After my M.A. in World History, I went on to study the Chinese Communist Revolution for my doctoral degree, which required me to study many other revolutions of the 20th century. Thus I have some historical knowledge which I try to use to comprehend events today. Certainly, I have more knowledge than the Summit Soldier and his ridiculous analogies. You, Mr. Liddick, could do better than waste your time defending them.

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