You can get quality higher education in your own backyard |

You can get quality higher education in your own backyard

Dr. Dawn Zoni
Dillon, CO Colorado

At this time of year, many high school juniors and seniors are applying to colleges and universities while their parents are looking for ways to finance that education. At Colorado Mountain College, we are doing our best to keep a quality education within reach, by keeping our tuition low and providing additional ways to pay for those first two years.

CMC offers associate of arts or associate of science degrees, vocational degrees and certificate programs. Our associate degrees are considered “guaranteed transfer,” meaning that all 60 credits are guaranteed to transfer into any four-year college or university in Colorado.

Colorado Mountain College offers excellence in higher education at the low cost of $45 per credit for in-district tuition (2008-09 rates). Two years of tuition for a full-time, in-district student is $2,700. This doesn’t include the cost of books.

So, how does that compare to other schools’ costs? For example, according to the University of Colorado’s Web site, Colorado resident tuition for a full-time student in their College of Arts and Sciences is $2,708 ” for a single semester (again, 2008-09 rates). That doesn’t include books, or room and board. In other words, two years of quality education in your own backyard costs about the same as one semester at CU-Boulder. And CMC has sites in 11 different locations in north-central Colorado, including three residential campuses.

In addition to affordable tuition, CMC offers surprising ways to stretch your tuition dollars. If your son or daughter graduates from Summit High School, or another high school in the CMC district, they are eligible for the Richard C. Martin grant, which pays forward CMC tuition to any four-year college the student eventually attends. It’s almost like getting two years’ tuition free.

This opportunity is available to in-district high school graduates who apply for the grant and attend CMC within two years of high school graduation. Students should submit the grant application when they apply to CMC, but no later than the end of their first semester. When students apply for the grant and complete an associate degree, the money paid for CMC tuition is paid forward to the four-year college.

Every day I hear from students who have studied at CMC and moved on, or who have studied elsewhere and found their way to back to us. These students speak volumes: they feel that they really learn in their classes; they are better prepared than most of the students in their classes; they have learned the basic skills to succeed academically as a result of smaller classroom settings. Our students also appreciate that instructors at CMC know their names and care about their learning experience.

Our faculty is truly a gift to the Summit County community. They are local residents who want to share their knowledge and expertise. They hold master’s, J.D.’s and doctorates in their fields as well as bringing decades of teaching experience. This group includes scientists and mathematicians who worked at NASA, chiropractors, naturopathic doctors, mental health consultants, a veterinarian and countless other practitioners who perform invaluable services in our community.

So, when you are filling out college and financial aid applications, please keep CMC in mind. We’re right around the corner and would be happy to welcome you to our college community.

For more information about Colorado Mountain College, please call one of our student development counselors. In Breckenridge that’s Jean Kramlich, at 453-6757 ext. 2619 or And in Dillon, you can contact me, Dr. Dawn Zoni, at 468-5989 ext. 2806 or

Dr. Dawn Zoni is a student development counselor at Colorado Mountain College’s Summit Campus.

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