You can’t go home again? |

You can’t go home again?

I was just wondering what happened to this county. I was born in Fairplay and raised in Breckenridge.

About six years ago, I moved away to be with my husband who was in the military. Then five months ago we finally made it back to the mountains.

I was so excited to be coming back to my home town. Many fond memories are still in my mind. It took me all of one month to realize how syndicated and commercialized this town has become.

Breck used to be about the locals. We used to be a big happy family. Now I’m supposed to pay $10 a pop for one ride on the the Alpine Slide.

Somehow, I’m supposed to come up with $5,000 to move into a two-bedroom house that is barely sufficient for one person, let alone a family.

Then let’s add on the extra $1,000 deposit I have to fork out for my two 20-pound dogs. Would somebody please explain to me why in a county where there are almost as many dogs as people, nobody wants to rent property to you if you have dogs? I understand that a lot of people come and go, but come on.

I should be able to rent a house without having to give out my bank account numbers and routing numbers to five different people.

I lived in Las Vegas for four years and rented three different apartments without ever giving out that information. That should tell us all something.

If I could freely throw around almost $6,000, I would buy a house, not rent one. It is quite apparent to me that if you are not independently wealthy, set up in a trust fund or willing to live with four other people, you’re screwed.

If it weren’t for the people who are willing wait tables, watch the kids, operate the chairlifts and take what little money we have at the grocery store, this wouldn’t be one of the best vacation destinations in the world.

Sorry, but I’m tired of the constant screaming of “Show me the money!”

Anne Bradley


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