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ZL comments strike out on logic about what’s real, what’s unreal

Alysha Havrilla - Breckenridge

I am writing in response to Mr. Herb Briggs’ letter in the Dec. 1 edition.

Rather than be classless and react inappropriately, I have decided that I would write this in a tactful manner.

First of all, I find it sad and laughable that you had the time and energy to dedicate a letter to all residents with ZL plates.

I agree with you that these plates do not make a person more of a citizen of Summit County or a better one.

On the other hand, I found it incredibly rude and insulting that you had stated that most individuals that possess these plates are “out of touch with national and world events.”

What a juvenile generalization on your part. Obviously, you must be conversing in the wrong circles to develop that view.

Truthfully, when one turns on CNN, for example, we are presented with such disturbing news as snipers and abductions.

I personally am fine with taking a back burner opinion on these issues. Yes, I do agree with you that some individuals who reside here do become out of touch and do not want to face reality.

Gee, it must be the exquisite life and breathtaking views that we are so blessed to wake up to every day, don’t ya think?

Obviously, if you are so bothered by this laissez-faire attitude, then you know where the door is.

One last note, for a man who mentions “open space” issues at least twice, shame on you for referring to the recycling bins in the post office as “pointless trivia.”

I respect and appreciate the efforts and dedication that the Summit Recycling Project provides for us.

I realize that you were once again lying to make a point, but don’t you think that your whining would be better used in such issues as social services funding, for example.

If anything, I found you and your views to be somewhat snobbish. Before you write a letter like the one that you did, I suggest you really get to know the people here that don’t just come to play and actually stay here for a few years.

Believe it or not, I and others in the community that are informed do have the energy and compassion to fight for what we believe in.

So, to you, stop your whining and do something about all of the things that bother you. This is how things don’t become elitist and out of control.

Alysha Havrilla


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