America works: God bless America |

America works: God bless America

We will have a Republican president with a Republican Senate with a Republican House of Representatives while living in a state with a Republican governor with a Republican Colorado State Senate on top of a Republican Colorado House of Representatives. America works.

I am not personally happy with the outcome, but I am ecstatic with the process. America works.

In this national and state landslide for President George W. Bush’s agenda and Gov. Bill Owens’ first-term accomplishments, Summit County stands alone.

Summit County did not support any Republican candidates for any office other than governor. In that race, there was no strong opposition, so that result doesn’t mean much.

In this national and state landslide, Summit County stands alone in supporting Democrats and Independents for elected office.

When you look at the House of Representatives district maps of Colorado, this becomes visual. Democrats Rep. Mark Udall and Rep. Diane DeGette stand alone in the seven districts as being a different political color. A different party. A different way of looking at our issues.

And stay tuned. The recently formed 7th Congressional District race remains undecided. Barely more than 300 votes separate Republican Bob Beauprez and Democrat Mike Feeley. The new provisional vote category – more than 7,000 – is being counted to determine the outcome. We might end up with three House districts bucking the Republican avalanche.

Summit County should feel proud to be different. I realize that does not help when we read the Denver newspapers and watch the national news, but we can know that we voted our consciences. We voted the issues. We voted for the people and not the party. I think that our founding fathers wanted it to be this way.

People in Summit County understand the importance of voting. Nearly one third of the votes cast this election were either by early voters or absentee voters. We are learning how to use the system to our advantage. We now are taking the time to get a ballot early and study it before making a decision. We have become educated voters.

In Summit County, the largest group of registered voters is unaffiliated, followed by the Republicans and then the Democrats. Statewide, the largest group of registered voters is the Republicans followed by the unaffiliated and the Democrats. Traditionally, Colorado has been a conservative Republican state. I don’t see that changing. Summit County has traditionally been a very independent, strange, go-against-the-tide kind of place.

Several times a week, one of my colleagues on the Board of County Commissioners will comment that our county is trying to keep up with Aspen and Pitkin County. I have never agreed with that. I would like to think that they are trying to keep up with us. The very last thing I would ever want for our great community is for it to be like Aspen. Aspen is a great example of what we should be trying to avoid.

This past election is a good example of what I am talking about. Two people ran for county commissioner, and neither candidate was a member of a majority party. Between the two of us, we garnered almost 8,000 votes. That is democracy in action, folks. It shows that this thing works.

I think we sent a message to the state and to the nation. I think we told everyone that we are not willing to merely go along with the crowd.

I have always known that Summit County was special. That Summit County was different. That Summit County marches to the beat of a different drum. I want to thank everyone for affirming this belief.

I am very proud of my community.

County Commissioner Gary

Lindstrom, an Independent, was

re-elected Nov. 5. His column resumes as a regular Thursday feature.

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