Blanche: Time to take on the left and their friends in the main stream media |

Blanche: Time to take on the left and their friends in the main stream media

Brain Blanche,

It is time for Republicans to take on those who demean Tea Party supporters. Republicans failed to support George W. Bush and the constant barbs and accusations over the year finally stuck. It will stick with those who believe they are conducting a peaceful campaign to save this nation as well if not met head on.

If it were me and I were giving a prime time speech at the RNC, I’d state as strongly as possible that it is time to take on the rhetoric that is coming from democrats and many in the main stream media that attempts to paint those patriots who are concerned about this administration’s sharp turn to the left, concerned about our soaring spending/borrowing that is bankrupting this nation, concerned about the weakening of our military, concerned about the class warfare and concerned that Obama is creating a nation of more dependents than contributors, collectivists instead of individuals. Tea partiers are not the people who bomb federal offices, side with our enemies, fill city parks defecating in public and so on. These are not people who break the law but people who uphold the law and it is time for them to be recognized for their contributions, not demeaned by those on the left.

Brain Blanche, Silverthorne

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