Charneskie: Republican party stands on platform of ‘no exceptions’ |

Charneskie: Republican party stands on platform of ‘no exceptions’

Julie Charneskie,

No exceptions. Let it sink in for a moment. No exceptions. Your daughter is at risk of losing her life due to a complicated birth. The doctor says, “No exceptions.” You have been raped and are now pregnant. The rape experience makes you want to end your own life. Your doctor says, “No exceptions.” Your friend has cancer, it was discovered at the same time she found out she was pregnant. To bring the baby to full term could cause the cancer to escalate and possibly kill both of them. Chemo therapy during the pregnancy would certainly hurt the baby. Her doctor says, “No exceptions.” The Republican Party stands on a platform of No exceptions for abortion. A Party platform determines the direction of each political party. It guides the elected officials who wear the badge Republican or Democrat to create legislation that affects all of us. In 2010 a wave of Republicans took over state legislatures and The House of Representatives. They ran on a platform of jobs and the economy. In the past two years these newly elected officials passed hundreds of bills restricting a women’s right to choose. Passed legislation taking away funding for Planned Parenthood and continued their party’s platform goal of making sure, as a women you have no more choice. As it turns out jobs were not on their mind. Ask yourself, are you willing to continue to say you are a moderate Republican when your party is not? The Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Paul Ryan, believes that there should be no exceptions. Period. He has stated that conception, no matter the way in which it happens is acceptable. No exceptions. His budget,supported by Mitt Romney and passed by the House of Representatives, takes away food stamps for the working poor, and most of Medicaid funding. He is saying to young women all over America. Your life does not matter. If you are pregnant from a violent or despicable act, you will be forced to have the baby. Should you need assistance, you will be out of luck. No exceptions. He voted for every deficit increasing bill during the Bush Administration, and now says he is morally superior because he has produced a budget that would decimate the poor. The extreme Republican party, which is now the main stream Republican party will pass legislation that will force you to have a baby even in cases of rape, incest or if your life is in danger. No exceptions. Your vote on Nov. 6 will determine the way in which you, your children and grandchildren will be able to protect your own bodies. Your vote should have no exceptions.

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