Cheers and Jeers |

Cheers and Jeers


CHEERS: To Our Future Summit’s second anniversary this month. Since its creation, the leadership shown by Howard Hallman and Sandy Briggs helped drive important dialogue on the majority of topics important to our citizens. From pine beetles to wireless networks to Thursday night’s discussion on education, the discussions have been rich, sometimes emotional, and always significant. One point proves to be true: We have community members who deeply care about the roots our our county.JEERS: To the darkening illegal immigration climate occuring here and at our border. With the recent release of a man locally facing 90-plus years in jail for human smuggling because ICE agents deported the witnesses, to the three migrants killed by gunment in Arizona on Thursday, the conflict is becoming more than just, “we’re losing our jobs.” Immigrants dying at the hands of vigilantes is nothing new, but the brutality is increasing, and lack of federal attention to our borders is the cause.CHEERS: To the idea of adding two new ambulance-style vehicles to Breckenridge’s Red, White & Blue. While it adds competition to the Summit County Ambulance Service, which is not supported by taxes but by patient fees, a go-ahead from county officials will give those in Breckenridge a speedier response and limit the number of vehicles needed to respond in the past. Competition aside, if county population growth estimates are correct, it shouldn’t be too long before we have plenty of room for two ambulance services. Or, maybe we’re there already.

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