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Cheers and Jeers


CHEERS: To those who solemnly remember the tragic Peak 7 slide in 1987 that killed four. The ensuing search and rescue effort was one that touched many Summit County residents. And, based on our web comments and phone calls on Friday after we ran the first part of the series, it was a day many residents will carry with them the rest of their lives. Today, we cheers those who are out making our mountains safe every day, and to our volunteer search and rescue team for making our safety their priority. CHEERS: To Summit’s own Katie Uhlaender, who is destroying the World Cup skeleton racing tour this winter. She won her fifth event this season on Friday, and nearly solidified the World Cup overall title. Going into 2008, Uhlaender is the top Olympic prospect representing Summit County … she and Steve Fisher, who has regained his form as the top freestyle snowboarder in the world.JEERS/CHEERS: To Karla Trippe’s resignation form the Silverthorne Town Council. While we cheer Trippe’s five-year dedication to setting town policy and rebuilding Silverthorne’s economy, we must question any time our public officials are vacating seats before the end of their term. Not only does this erode voter faith in the election process, but it also leaves towns with tough vacancies to fill. We’ve seen this far too often recently among County Commissioners. In this case, Silverthorne has 30 days to find someone to replace Trippe, whose term was going to last until 2008. Anyone interested in applying for the vacant council seat should submit a letter of interest to the town.CHEERS: To all this snow filling in our snowpack and preparing us for the spring meltoff. It may seem a while until summer, yet while thousands will enjoy skiing on this snow this President’s Day weekend, we should all be mindful this snow is what fills our bathtub, washes our cars and gives us water to drink, too.

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