Cheers and Jeers |

Cheers and Jeers


Jeers: To people who feel it necessary to go overboard with no trespassing signs. We have a few cases in point. There’s the Blue Valley Ranch property partly in Summit County, mostly in Grand County. Ranch managers make it abundantly clear what they, and the local sheriff, think. There’s another set of properties on a spur off Tiger Road that don’t want people to dare think about jumping over the defense berm. Finally, there’s our own Summit County Open Space Program telling us “no trespassing” on the Four Mile Open Space. The reasons are right, the land is being revegetated, but more gentle words like “temporarily closed,” would be more appropriate for informing people how to handle their public land.Cheers: To a great Fourth of July weekend. Summit County is pumped up to show everybody a great time. Watch for those DUI checkpoints. Keep an eye on your dog when the fireworks go off. Ride or walk on the right on the rec path. Jeers: To Colorado Mountain College administrators who now want to charge the immigrant population for English as a Second Language classes. Charging the $100 reported in a Friday story would not advance the cause of integration. We understand attendance of the free classes dips in midwinter, but that’s when people also work the longest hours in our resort community. Charging for classes would not create that “value” within attendees not to skip classes. The idea works against the social mandate for the program and ignores what employment cycles do to our community.A reader sent us her own cheers and jeers this week. Here’s what Janet Ruehle-Hokel thinks. Who would disagree?Cheers: To the adults, locals and tourists alike, who provide proper UV eye protection (sunglasses) for their children. Unfortunately, it seems that most young people spotted around Summit County are not wearing sunglasses. While we’re on the subject, please remember to wear sunscreen and apply it often. Skin cancer awareness is an especially important issue up here in the High Country.Jeers: To those of you who leave your unoccupied vehicles (mostly diesel trucks) running while you run it to the post office, grocery store, etc.Not only are you asphyxiating everyone within at least 50 feet of your vehicle, but it is also illegal. Please be more considerate.Jeers: To those of you who let your dogs run free at all hours of the day and night. Not only is this very dangerous for your pet(s), it is also illegal and very inconsiderate to your neighbors. While we’re on the subject, allowing your pet(s) to ride in an open truck bed is totally irresponsible. There’s a saying: “There are no bad dogs, only bad owners.”

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