Cheers and Jeers |

Cheers and Jeers


CHEERS: To Gary Lindstrom for deciding to run for governor. Not only does this present a chance for the Western Slope to be represented by the top dawg in the state, it will automatically bring our needs to the attention of all the different districts through the campaign process. Win or lose, Lindstrom’s move to run was bold, and opens the door wide open to get some of the interests of the Western Slope realized.CHEERS: To the U.S. Ski Team finally showing up on Friday, with Daron Rahlves winning and Bode Miller coming in second. This is an Olympic year – not the time to falter. The previous races this season had been dismal for the Americans.JEERS: To drivers who don’t use their headlights in snowstorms. It’s not for you, it’s for everyone else on the road. Use a little common courtesy.JEERS: To the Colorado State Patrol for setting a limit on cyclists eligible to ride in some of our state’s biggest cycling events. If for only political reasons, the limit should have been set after talking with race organizers and state legislators. Policy that affects thousands of tourism dollars should be done thoughtfully and carefully. The discussion that will occur before it goes into effect in 2007 should not only include how to make these rides safer for competitors, but the cap itself should be questioned before the world’s cycling tourists give up on our otherwise tourism-friendly state.CHEERS: To all this snow, for the third week in a row. Superpipes and extreme terrain are opening during the next week. It’s smiling season …CHEERS: To the locals who gathered during World AIDS Day vigil on Thursday night in Frisco. The problem of AIDS is mostly about education across the world, and for those who stood up again to thrust this issue into the limelight, you are truly doing the world justice.CHEERS: To the rescuers who are trying their best to find Patricia McCormick, who was last seen on Monday morning. They braved sub-zero wind chills and heavy snow this week to comb the entire county. Concern certainly goes out about her well-being, as well as to her family and friends.