Cheers and jeers |

Cheers and jeers

Cheers: To the Colorado Department of Transportation crews that were chopping down dead trees (the same ones that the magnesium chloride – ahem – didn’t kill) along Highway 9 near WaterDance in Frisco this week. It’s about time. Maybe the state and county can do the same along all the local roads decorated with dead, brown trees.

Jeers: To hot tub poachers. Look, these things are deadly, especially when combined with alcohol. Two men have died in the last two months because of suspected or proven drinking and soaking alone in hot tubs after hours.

Hot tubs are an ingrained part of ski town life and are great things when used properly. But locals need to respect when they are closed for the season or the night. There is no way for law enforcement or hotel employees to effectively patrol closed hot tubs, which is why poaching them is such an easy misdemeanor to get away with. But next time you consider soaking in a closed hot tub in the wee hours of the morning, first, don’t do it alone, and second, try to be sober. Now, where else would you read something like this but in Ski Country?

Cheers: To the Breckenridge Town Council and the involved leaders who formed the Saddlerock Society to work on restoring the Barney Ford house and converting it into a history museum.

Council members recently allocated funds to cover the more than $120,000 the Saddlerock Society will need to transform the Main Street house. Current owners Robin and Patty Theobald, architect Randy Hodges, historian Larry Gilliland and Breckenridge Mayor Sam Mamula formed the Saddlerock Society and are committed to showing off the interesting history of the house, taking the longtime idea of a museum to fruition.

This is leadership, and the final product will add another layer to the depth of Breckenridge and enhance its reputation as a place with history and character.

Cheers: To Breckenridge Town Councilmember Ernie Blake on his pending marriage to Sharon Magness. Ernie is a real asset to the community as a person and as a politician. Ernie can often be found holding court at Daylight Donuts yacking it up with the other colorful characters that like to slurp coffee and trade lies.

Cheers: To the Summit School District for taking fast action to make full-day kindergarten available across the district. There’s still work to do, but the folks at Summit Cove Elementary are in line for a program to start Oct. 20. We still don’t think children should have to pay a fee to attend a core public school program. That the state does not permit full funding of the kindergarten program is a travesty. Maybe the education governor can do something about this.

Cheers: To the Summit Stage for beginning to work with businesses to promote its bus services, bringing more customers to businesses on buses.

Jeers: To Kornfeld Koslosky Properties for trying to skip a public land- use process step by requesting preliminary and final approval simultaneously from the Silverthorne Planning Commission and town council. The separate steps allow for more review of projects. Although a simultaneous preliminary and final review is allowed in the town code, this is a big project for the developer to try to skip a step. Yes, it’s been interminable for the Safeway project so far, but the public deserves a full review.

Members of the Summit Daily News editorial board formulate opinions published in this space. Board members are Michael Bennett, Jim Pokrandt, Jason Starr, Rachel Toth, Reid Williams, Kim Nicoletti and Martha Lunsky.

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