Bargell: Play me some mountain music |

Bargell: Play me some mountain music

Summer in the Summit serves up a smorgasbord of musical options suited for every taste, and last week was a good one to take it all in. From Cash to Floyd with some Lez Zeppelin in the mix, it’s difficult to imagine a more eclectic offering.

For the last two weekends local talent was in prime form in the Backstage Theatre’s production of “Shrek.” Watching friends and neighbors perform at the Riverwalk has become a Labor Day tradition in many households around the county, and ours is no exception. This year’s fairy-tale production dispensed lessons for prince and princess alike. The modern twists woven into the typical happily-ever-after ending left us all laughing. The show pokes fun at the plight of the ever-waiting-to-be-rescued princess, and in the end reminds us that it’s best just to be comfortable in our own skin — even if it’s green. Hopefully, the kids will remember too that real royalty is a matter of the heart. Perhaps most profoundly the show left me wondering where I could get a Lord Farquaad get-up for Halloween. It was perfect. Kudos to all the brave souls who took to the stage; hopefully, the outpouring of community support made clear how much we appreciate your hard work.

With a friend in town who enjoys a good show, we found ourselves just a few days later at the Lake Dillon Theatre taking in its current offering, “Ring of Fire.” The show is not quite a biography, and it’s not exactly a concert; instead it’s a musical anthology of Cash’s work that tells a life story that really could have belonged to anyone in the room. From the opening notes that resonated from the stand-up bass to the ending sing-along chorus, the music conjured up images of my childhood. A bit of research confirms the talented cast delivered exactly what the show’s creators had in mind, telling a tale “about home and family and getting together and loving somebody … it’s about what holds you together in the face of a hard life.” The rendition of “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” struck quite a chord as I recalled the many times I had listened to the song with my pop. It might have been the first piece of music he and I actually agreed on, and the rare occasion when we both were content to leave the radio dial untouched when it played. Dad would stare off into the distance as he listened, and I wondered if he caught a glimpse of his folks, and a generation of people I barely knew. When the cast circled up to belt out the lyrics I found myself with the same distant stare, peering into a void where I could almost make out pop smiling, taking it all in with the very people he missed so long ago.

The grand finale for the week was The Machine’s tribute to Pink Floyd at the Dillon Amphitheatre. The band reached its height of popularity while I was in my teens, but I confess I am no Floyd aficionado. When asked whether I enjoyed the show, truthfully I could only answer that I wasn’t quite sure. Don’t get me wrong. The entire event was quite the scene, and the musicians were spot-on in their delivery. The band’s music really defies categorization, sometimes sounding nearly classical and other times eerily futuristic. There is no doubt that considerable genius went into its making. Even the galaxy seemed in sync as the clouds hovered over the full moon that cast a glow on the already psychedelic stage.

It’s quite a place we live in, where you can experience in a single week music that spans six decades. A place where memories are brought to life and new ones made while the melodies echo through time.

Cindy Bargell is an attorney and mom who lives outside of Silverthorne with her family. She welcomes your comments at

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