Bargell: This is the Mother’s Day to make a difference (column) |

Bargell: This is the Mother’s Day to make a difference (column)

When our oldest was about eight months old I had a recurring dream, a nightmare really. She was all alone, outside, in a nearby field. I was nowhere to be found. It was devastating to somehow see her alone, fragile and helpless. While she never met any harm in my dreamscape, what I remember even more vividly was waking to find her safely tucked in her crib. The feeling of relief that washed over me was indescribable.

There probably is some deeper meaning to the dream that I never probed. Instead, it all but faded into obscurity until last week. Quite unexpectedly memories of the dream came back to me in a rush. Although I’m not certain of the reason, I have a hunch.

Like many of us, I have been considering the horror in Nepal. Somewhere in that country, in the midst of the devastation, is a mom who is experiencing a similar nightmare, or a lost child that is crying for their parent. Unfortunately, waking up to relief is not an option. Imagining how devastating the situation is beyond me.

I’m the first to admit it’s not such a cheery thought for this Mother’s Day season. But there is a kinship among moms around the world, and it occurred to me (while reliving my dream) perhaps the most satisfying gift I could receive this Mother’s Day would be a donation to the Nepal relief efforts. Flowers fade, but the thought that we could take away even a moment of anguish experienced by a terrified mother or child would last.

I mentioned this idea to my husband who initially seemed perplexed. After a few seconds he smiled, looking somewhat relieved. Shopping really is not his thing. Pragmatism, however, is, and after considering the suggestion he asked only that I look into places where a donation will go furthest.

Before I planned my own gift, I took a look at Mother’s Day by the numbers. It is a $16.3 billion industry. With about 82.5 million moms in the US, the average spent is about $200 per mom. Considering the cost of a typical Mother’s Day card (based on my official perusal at Target) is about $4.00, it seems like we could do quite a bit if we merely contributed the cost of a card and a few flowers to the relief efforts.

The Summit Daily had local relief suggestions on April 25, including Doctors to the World, PO Box 6879 Breckenridge, CO 80424 to help Doc PJ in his direct efforts. I’m partial as well to Lutheran World Relief where funds can be directed specifically to Nepal disaster relief

So, in honor of Billee Lane, who I have missed for some 25 years, and for my gracious mother-in-law, we’ll contribute to the Nepal relief effort. Family of mine, please feel free to do the same and we’ll call it good. For you mom, it’s really in remembrance of all the times you woke up worried sick about me (often for good reason) and for those occasions you served up a good meal that I still managed to complain about. Mostly though it’s for the countless times you offered up a silent prayer that I’d turn out OK. Not surprisingly, I’m still working on it. You’d smile to know that the same prayer goes out for a couple of little girls who are growing up far too quickly. I am forever grateful for the gentle path you lit while you were with me. And, if there’s any way you can, from wherever you are now, please lend your special strength to a frightened mom in a faraway country who needs all the comfort she can get.

Cindy Bargell is an attorney and mom who lives outside of Silverthorne with her husband and two daughters. She welcomes your comments at

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