Bird: Marijuana limo tours lead us down the road to ruin |

Bird: Marijuana limo tours lead us down the road to ruin

Re: the recent Summit Daily News article on the limo marijuana tour (Aug. 26).

I suggest another tour. First rent the largest, most comfortable tour bus available with a driver. Fill it with Colorado parents. Then drive them around the state to all the elementary, middle and high schools while the children are at play.

Have the driver deliver a narrative something like this, “Behold all these children in their innocence at play. Yes, folks, this is the future of those who run the pot industry. Those who provide for those that need mind-altering substances to endure the rigors of life. Those who will try to negate your years of discipline and structuring of your children for their profits and tax revenue for a once-great state. Forget that these people know not what health and mental problems prolonged use of this euphoric weed will nurture. Please refer to cigarettes for a clue and perhaps an insight.”

Possibly the tour would include a side trip to a real-life Colorado western town, a la Wyatt Earp. I speak of Castle Rock, where their crime rate must rival Chicago’s or Detroit’s to warrant this absurdity they have just wrought. What’s next? An Uzi shooting range to prepare our elementary kids for the rough road ahead?

Colorado is well on the road to this and the ruin of a once-great state.

W. Gerald Bird Jr.


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