Carrie Brown-Wolf: School’s in session: What’s important to know? (column) |

Carrie Brown-Wolf: School’s in session: What’s important to know? (column)

Carrie Brown-Wolfe
Think Twice

Technically, it’s still summer; but, students across the country, including in Summit County, are headed back to school. I hate to see the long days wane, but, as pencils are sharpened and books are opened, a heightened energy resonates with me. It’s a season full of possibility, positive and encouraging.

While teachers begin to set their curriculum, I’ve decided to set my own as a parent, an educator and a concerned community member who wants to see our children and our society thrive.

What is important to learn? What goals have we made for our families, our students and ourselves? In my book, achieving a 100 percent on a test, winning a race or landing a lead is fantastic, but that’s not what’s essential or really all that important.

So, what is important to know? I’ve created a list.

• Love: enough said

• Kindness: it goes a long way

• Acceptance: of others and oneself

• Balance: between one’s mind, body and soul

• ABC’s and 123’s: we all need to read and to add

• Self-sufficiency: learn how to learn on your own

• Spirituality: find faith

• Respect: yourself and others

• Healthy habits: eat well, sleep well, rest well, work well

• Understanding the world around us: this includes geography, cultural behaviors, religions, politics and social influences

• Self-confidence: trust your intuition

• Nature: spend time outside, it’s life’s best and yet most underutilized teacher

• Beauty: look for it everywhere — in the slice of an orange, the shape of a cloud

• Creativity: make time to discover and explore

• Visualize: dream possibilities

• Compassion: it also goes a long way

• Gratitude: enough said

As your kids climb aboard the school bus, keep life in perspective and remember what’s really important.

What’s on your list?

Carrie Brown-Wolf lives in Silverthorne.

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