Dolamore: Plan a summer adventure with your dog while you can |

Dolamore: Plan a summer adventure with your dog while you can

Karen-Jo Dolamore
Special to the Daily

Summer is here so plan an adventure with your dog. Take a look at some fun activities for both of you.

Get a bite: Restaurants with outdoor seating welcome well-behaved dogs. Or, go on a picnic with your dog and invite a few friends and their dogs.

Socialize: Dog Parks are a great place to meet other dogs and people.

Go Boating: Lake Dillon has daily boat rentals.

Hit the trail, hiking: Stop at the Dillon Ranger District in Silverthorne for free maps.

Outdoor concerts: Pack a blanket, a bowl and some water and enjoy the show.

Photography: Pick a beautiful day and take pictures and videos of you both.

Hit the open road: Pick a destination and get out of town with your pup. Search for pet-friendly hotels by chain at

Cook from scratch: Pick a recipe and make a homemade surprise. Check out or buy Frosty Paws ice cream for dogs in the freezer department at your local supermarket.

Take a class: Get a book on doggie tricks or take a class in agility, tracking or maybe just basic training. A well-mannered dog is welcome almost anywhere.

Camping Pitch a pup tent! KOA and Jellystone are dog friendly as are many private campgrounds and national forests. Rules for state parks vary. Check out

Meet up: Join that doggie meet up group you keep meaning to check out. Visit and search by breed and/or location

Dog day runs: Get in shape with your dog and plan on an upcoming 5K.

Get Beachy- Dogs love the beach water and waves.

Spa day: Buy some great smelling shampoo and give her a bath and a massage. Then do a gentle ear cleaning with a cotton ball and alcohol or witch Hazel. Don’t forget to wash the bedding

Splash around: Spring for a kiddie pool or go to the lake for a swim.

Remember dogs can overheat and dehydrate even quicker than we do, so take along lots of fresh cool water. On a hot day consider wetting him down before a long hike.

Dr. Karen-Jo Dolamore is a retired veterinarian and currently a Realtor at Omni Real Estate. She lives in Summit County with her husband, two children and 3 dogs. Please send you pet health questions or topics to:

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