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Hallman: Politics again, go figure

I ran into my buddy Dan Gibbs the other day. He and his wife, Johanna, have a beautiful new baby girl and he’s working hard to be a good dad. It was nice to see him. I don’t always agree with Dan but when it comes to Summit County and politics, his heart and head are in the right place. Dan’s one of us, and he will be re-elected hands down. Sorry, Al, that’s the facts of life.

Who’ll win the Senate race is anybody’s guess. Mark Udall has in my opinion served us well. He has strong local connections going back to when he was our congressman and Dan worked for him. In many ways I feel the same about Mark as I do about Dan; he’s an outdoor guy with a mountain mentality. He’s understands us.

So here’s what baffles me. Under Gov. John Hickenlooper Colorado’s economy has prospered. We are near the top of the nation for low unemployment. Denver’s economy is booming. For the most part things are good. Yet the governor is in a tight race with Bob Beauprez. Go figure?

I know a woman from Pennsylvania who hates President Obama. She gets downright excited if there’s a new case of Ebola in America, so she can blame it on Obama. She’s been disappointed lately as there have not been many new cases. The fact that we’re finally out of Afghanistan and the American economy is outperforming most of the world makes no difference to my friend from Pennsylvania; she hates Obama.

I have another friend in Denver who hates illegal immigrants. But I’m not sure why. She’s a quality lady, calm and very sane. But when it comes to stopping “illegals” at the border, she goes crazy. Up here in Summit County I rub shoulders with folks of diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds on a daily basis. I get along fine. I like them. I never think to wonder about their immigration status.

I have another friend here in Summit County who hates big government. She was brought up that way. But she thinks it’s fine and dandy for big government to decide what’s best for women when it comes to reproductive rights. She was brought up that way.

I do think that all politicians need to do a better job of listening to ordinary people, but I’m not so foolish as to believe that Cory Gardner or Bob Beauprez will do much listening to us up here in Summit County. They’re kind of like my friend Al Bacher. Al’s a decent guy. He’s been here a while and he’s learning the ropes, but when it comes to understanding Summit County or regular working people, he still doesn’t get it. Sorry, Al.

Please vote. Send in your ballets or deliver them in person.

Howard Hallman lives in Silverthorne.

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