Littwin: Fever is gone; world is still upside down (column) |

Littwin: Fever is gone; world is still upside down (column)

Careful readers may have noticed I haven’t written this past week. I’ve been out sick, coughing and wheezing and fearful that I had come down with a fatal case of Trumpitis. It turned out only to have been bronchitis, which in some cases, it seems, can be cured with a little less chicken soup and a lot more antibiotics. Science, huh?

Let’s just say I’m glad I was able to get the drugs before the new FDA director gets in. (According to reports, the leading candidate is Jim O’Neill, a Peter Thiel buddy, who apparently believes that the FDA should work only on proving whether drugs are safe, but not on whether they actually work. You see, that’s for the consumers/chumps to determine and, believe me, that’s not his wackiest take on medical science. Read on and you may see a trend developing.)

Read the full column at the Colorado Independent.

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