McGahey: The buck stops where? (column) |

McGahey: The buck stops where? (column)

Eight years ago a candidate for president looked us in the eye and told us exactly what we wanted to hear. He had a big smile, a handsome face and a silver tongue which he used to cash in on our collective insecurities. He looked us in the eye and promised to fundamentally transform America into a fairer, cleaner, more perfect place with equal outcomes derived from a government that would be the most transparent, the least corrupt and would serve We The People like no other before it. It sounded great, but then socialism always sounds great until you run out of someone else’s money.

Unfortunately, it was all a pack of lies, except for the part about fundamentally transforming America. That part he meant; his liberal political ideology was transformational, but not in the way he led us to believe.

He was surreptitiously selling central planning, information propaganda, financial controls, education indoctrination, income redistribution, class warfare, politics of division, abandonment of separation of powers/checks and balances implemented by our founders and worst of all the abdication of personal responsibility to speak truth to power.

All according to Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals as the blueprint to affect social change in order to replace our free-market, open society capitalism with a closed society controlled by a few arrogant elites who rule the ignorant masses from a central planning dictatorship.

The big government agenda as outlined by Alinsky and his devotees can only be implemented by pitting otherwise cooperative and reasonable Americans against each other as what Lenin described as useful idiots for an unattainable outcome.

The dark knight playbook calls for black vs. white, rich vs. poor, old vs. young, citizen vs. illegal immigrant, male vs. female. All intended to create violent chaos in the streets of Chicago, Ferguson and Baltimore and the perfect opportunity for central planning to swoop in and be the solution to all our class struggle problems.

Once the Alinsky Team sees blood in the streets of Baton Rouge and Dallas, they can justify marshal law and confiscate all the means for us to defend ourselves and thereby eliminate any rule of law that protects individual rights for We The People. Ronald Reagan nailed it when he said that government was not the solution, it was the problem.

As evidenced by all cities and states run by liberal progressive administrations over the past 70 years, it was actually self-serving laws passed by liberal officials like Chris Dodd and Barney Frank that caused this downward spiraling social earthquake.

Their solution is to throw more gasoline on the fire. Their goal is to make us believe that we are too stupid to know what’s best for us as individuals and us as a society. Their goal is to abandon the Founders’ God given constitutional Rule of Law and replace it with Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

But this social engineering has never been successful anywhere in the modern world: not in Soviet Russia, Cuba, Venezuela, Greece, San Francisco, California or Chicago, Illinois. We The People must not allow this socialist dictatorship that governs by fiat from the Oval Office to divide and conquer us and continue the suffocation of our inalienable rights with a 3rd term of Hillary Obama.

We must all participate in the political process at least minimally by becoming informed voters. George Washington warned that an uninformed and immoral electorate is doomed to tyranny.

Examine the candidates closely. Take every opportunity to see them plainly without the filter of a complicate liberal media or TV teleprompter. Ask them and their advocates tough questions expecting honest answers. Look them in the eye and see their souls. Follow your gut on what’s right and wrong and what is best for our country and community and not just what’s best for our party or our pocketbook.

Today’s patriots who vote are to be applauded. But don’t expect any candidate to be 100-percent what you want. Those self-righteous voters who vote their conscience for a politically pure candidate who has no chance of winning just so they can sleep at night, should be prepared to have Big Brother sleeping in their beds with them.

A vote for Ross Perot, Ron Paul or Gary Johnson may make you feel good, but you cannot affect public policy unless you win elections and have a seat at the decision-making table. Better to support candidates who can actually win elections than be persuaded to include 3rd party outliers to be part of their policy making process. This is exactly what James Madison, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson had in mind when they designed the collaborative, debating, compromising coalition of political ideologies to replace the King of England’s oppressive monarchy.

We The People still pull the levers. The system is only rigged if we allow it to be. Don’t pay any attention to the man behind the curtain. We The People control our destiny and it is imperative for our children and grandchildrens’ sakes to vote for liberty, individual rights, limited government, personal responsibility, rule of law and the Constitution. Benjamin Franklin said the Founders gave us a Republic, if we can keep it.

The buck stops with you and me at the ballot box this November. The fate of the free world rests firmly on our shoulders — make us proud!

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