McGahey: The myth of the radical Republicans |

McGahey: The myth of the radical Republicans

The liberal progressive haters are out in force in the Summit Daily News and other news outlets around the country lately. They erroneously insist that all conservative Republicans are extreme tea party radicals whose only mission in life is to roll granny off the cliff, make all women barefoot and pregnant, keep black Americans on the plantation and hoard all the wealth of our nation among the top 1 percent. These are all offensive, ridiculous myths fabricated by a liberal press enabled by the Democratic Party over the past 50 years that have resulted in a phony caricature of conservatives that is not only grossly untrue, but patently unfair.

The Republican Party today is more inclusive than your grandfather’s GOP. Actually, today’s Republicans are more like Abraham Lincoln’s party that set black Americans free with the Emancipation Proclamation and catered almost exclusively to the farmers, workers and immigrants of the late 1800s. It’s more like the Republican Party that voted in favor of the Civil Rights Act of the 1960s and the party that created the upward mobility of millions of middle-class Americans during the supply-side economic boom of the Ronald Reagan presidency of the 1980s.

Today, it’s the Grand Opportunity Party with an agenda that includes more women (see the current GOP candidates for Colorado lieutenant governor, Jill Repella; Colorado attorney general, Cynthia Coffman; and state House District 61, Debra Irvine), more minority candidates (see George Leing, a second-generation Chinese immigrant running as GOP candidate in the 2nd Congressional District against Rep. Jared Polis), more middle-class American values (see below) and more mainstream common-sense solutions to the many problems created by the liberal Keynesian train wreck (Dems’ description, not ours) that took control of our state and country in 2008.

James Madison was a huge advocate of freedom of speech to debate the issues in the public square, but today’s liberal progressives can’t debate the facts because they only focus on emotions — like how does any given public policy make you feel instead of how does it improve your life in terms of jobs, income, future security for your family, economic prosperity and environmental beauty for Colorado or our ability to provide a reliable safety net for our needy and disabled citizens.

Liberal progressives want to distract you with abstract concepts like unfairness, divisive politics and entitlements.

Conservatives ask you to focus on concrete habits like hard work, family togetherness, small government, low taxes, personal responsibility, strong faith and freedom to make social choices without government interference. All of which are ultimately fair and unifying and result in individual and national prosperity.

Conservatives don’t care what you do in your bedroom. Conservatives think that your reproductive decisions should be between you, your doctor and your God. We don’t want to control any of your personal choices; we just don’t want Americans to be forced to pay for them. The less government in our lives, the more freedom and the more prosperity we have as individuals. Government can’t create wealth; it can only redistribute it from you to someone else.

Conservatives are pro-choice: We want you to choose your own doctor, choose your own health plan, choose your own light bulbs, choose your own guns to keep government at bay, choose your own partner, choose your income potential, choose the Constitution and be able to choose liberty without Central Planning control.

Kim McGahey is the Summit County Republican Party chairman.

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