Pheil: A pricey culinary delight and other Web links |

Pheil: A pricey culinary delight and other Web links

Howdy everyone. I’ve got a fun grab-bag of various links from around the Web for you this week — hopefully I’ve included something for nearly everyone. Enjoy.

1. Food Link of the Day

Recently I came across a beautiful site with gorgeous photography of a mouthwatering culinary delight. It was … ice cream. Yes, ice cream. Ice cream that, based on the photos and reviews from raving fans, looks to be out of this world. Crafted by a company called Honeymoon Ice Cream. As a vegan, I can’t eat this ice cream myself, yet it looks so beautiful and so … artisan-y that I felt compelled to share with those of you who might have a sweet tooth as strong as mine. You can buy this beautiful handmade ice cream straight from the site and have the (quite pricey) hand-crafted ice cream delivered straight to your home or office. Learn more at

2. Educational Link of the Day

A family member who — because I’d never hear the end of it if I revealed her name — shall remain anonymous recently sent me the following query in an email: “Seriously now. I don’t get it. What the hell is Google+ all about and do I have to be using it or can I just stick with Facebook or what?” I sent her to this link. It’s a two and half minute animated YouTube video that will quickly catch you up if you’re unclear about Google+. (And if you are unclear, don’t worry. You’re in good company.) Here’s the link:

3. “Oh Look, That’s Cool” Link of the Day

Here we have a link that sends you to a page offering photos that will give you some totally new perspectives by showing you what some of the world’s most iconic monuments look like from far away. Not what you’d expect. Here’s the link:

4. Creativity Link of the Day

Ideas and creativity doesn’t always flow like wine. Point being: Sometimes you need a bit of help kickstarting your creativity. This handy infographic presents you with a few solid ideas to get those gears in your mind a-movin’ once again. Keep it handy next time your brain slows down, you experience writer’s block, or you’re simply looking for a bit of creative inspiration. Here’s the link:

5. Online Tool of the Day

If you’re one of those folks who keeps thousands of emails stored in your Gmail or account, Mailstrom is for you. (But seriously, how do you do that?) Mailstrom is a nifty tool that allows you to power through thousands of emails in just a few clicks. Make hundreds of emails from sites like Yelp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. disappear in seconds. The fellow providing a testimonial on the homepage shared that he got rid of roughly 22,000 emails in a half hour. Personally, I can’t stop wondering how one can have 22,000 emails sitting around, but since many people apparently process information and emails in this manner, Mailstrom is here to save the day. Here’s the link:

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