Pheil: Adding handwritten signatures to emails |

Pheil: Adding handwritten signatures to emails

Visit if you’ve ever wanted a simple image of your very own handwritten signature that you could add into your email signatures, Word documents and more.

Choose from an actual signature you create with your mouse (warning: can look rather choppy!) or from a variety of beautiful handwriting options. Within a minute or two you’ll have a handwritten signature image file you can use anywhere you’d like.

No downloads. No plugins. No lengthy instructions or long list of steps to follow.

A word of caution before you dive in. This service is free, so not surprisingly there are a ton of ads and things you can accidentally click on when you arrive at the page. Make sure you only click one of the two large blue buttons in the middle (“Create Now” or “Write Now”) to make sure you don’t accidentally end up on another website.


1. – Learn how to lock down your iPad or iPhone so your kids can’t get into trouble with them.

2. – If you’ve not yet found a social media publishing platform that you’re in love with and you’re searching for something minimal and simple that’ll schedule and post to multiple channels/accounts at once, take a look at PostSo. (Make sure you scroll down on their homepage to see how it works.) Stripped down and streamlined, PostSo allows you to automatically schedule share your pictures, videos and links on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest with one click.

3. – Five excellent ways you can defend your Windows PC from Junkware without needing expert or professional assistance.

4. – A four and a half minute video sharing what the creator believes to be the most influential special effects in recent film history. Now, keep in mind this video was originally posted in February of this year, so things may have already changed drastically. If you’re a movie buff, see if you can recognize all the movies featured.

5. – Make your very own mesmerizing custom cards from animated gifs (all through the magic of lenticular printing) or purchase cards created from the work of featured artists. Your card can feature up to 10 frames, and the printing process will “animate” the graphic between the frames when the holder moves the card back and forth. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about when I say “animated gifs” or “lenticular printing,” just visit the link. It’s worth a look. (And P.S. — I didn’t know what lenticular printing was myself until I read through this site.)

Erin Pheil is the owner of TimeForCake Creative Media. Visit her company’s website at or email Erin at

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