Pheil: Earn money for charity while working out |

Pheil: Earn money for charity while working out

You live in Summit County. Therefore, according to (almost) entirely irrefutable logic, you either walk, run and/or bike, or you know someone who does.

What if every time you (or that person you know) walked, ran or biked, that effort was earning money for charity all the while?

The Charity Miles phone app tracks how far you walk, run or bike and then donates money to a charity of your choosing based on the distance you complete: 10 cents per mile for biking, 25 cents per mile for running or walking.

It’s easy to do. Turn on the app when you start, turn it off when you stop.

The real question here is: why wouldn’t we do this? It changes nothing about what we already do while helping people less fortunate as we go about living our active lifestyles.

It doesn’t get more win-win than this.

Learn more and download the app now:

Your four Links of the Week

1) – A completely new way for creative and creative teams to brainstorm, think, collaborate, create and organize their thoughts, promises to help you get to better ideas, faster. It’s an “online writeboard designed to visually organize ideas and collaborate in a playful way” that promises to be as simple as a sticky note, allowing you to use visual aids to show your ideas, sort your ideas spatially, track changes and see how changes evolve.

2) – At the top of Unmark’s homepage, a bold statement reads “Do something with your bookmarks.” And perhaps it’s time you should. For those of you inspired by this call to action, Unmark is a tool that helps you get organized and get more out of all of those pages you’ve bookmarked over the years. It allows you to filter saved bookmarks, preview pages, add labels/notes/tags to your bookmarks, import new bookmarks, search bookmarks quickly, etc. Nothing tremendously fancy, but its clean and simply interface makes working with your bookmarks easier and more intuitive.

3) – This looks quite cool, but upfront disclaimer: I’ve not yet tried this. I’m sharing as I think some of you folks might find this tool helpful. Project Naptha takes every image or pictures you see when browsing the Web that contains text and transforms that text trapped in those images into actual text you can highlight, copy and paste. From pictures of text to real text — that’s rather impressive.

4) – I laughed out loud, big time, when I first saw this months ago. Cracked me up. I forwarded it to everyone on my team, many of my clients, and posted it on social media. It’s so … true. If your work requires you to participate in conference calls, you will laugh at the reality behind this clever video that offers a tremendously humorous take on a conference call in real life.

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