Pheil: Gmail emails are now always encrypted |

Pheil: Gmail emails are now always encrypted

Most people aren’t aware of this, but back in March, Google announced that every single email you send out via Gmail will be encrypted. What fantastic news for security lovers and fearful Internet users everywhere.

Interestingly enough, Gmail has offered the sending of secure emails since it launched, and emails have, by default, been encrypted since 2010. Now, however, sending non-encrypted emails is no longer an option for Gmail users.

This is not a good reason to abandon common sense, but in case you’re the type who frets over this type of thing, I do hope this news helps you sleep just a little bit more soundly tonight.

Last Message allows you to create a list of VIP contacts, and those VIP contacts will automatically be alerted when your phone unexpectedly quits, meaning they’ll know why you’re suddenly MIA.


1.) – Is someone hounding you to get something done? Perhaps it’s something you wish you had more time to complete? Perhaps it’s something that requires a bit of creativity or deeper thought? The next time someone is a bit too wound up about a deadline and is relentlessly hounding you to deliver, show them this (absolutely wonderful) video clip. And actually, even if you don’t have any deadline pressures whatsoever, this exceptionally well-done video about children, creativity and deadlines is sure to make you smile.

2.) – Ever wonder how the arrangement of our telephone keypads came to be? This interesting article tells the story behind the arrangement we know so well, and then — and this is really fun — shows 17 different configurations that were presented to focus groups back when they were working to come up with a standard configuration that thankfully didn’t make the cut.

3.) – Ruh-roh. Studies are showing that smartphones are making us bad, bad parents. Well, actually, let me rephrase that: Studies are showing smartphones are making you bad, bad parents. Doesn’t apply to me, since I happily have no children.

4.) – At some point in time, usually sooner rather than later, most businesses — especially those that have invested money and time into building strong websites and online presences — start wondering how they can improve their search engine rankings and drive more qualified traffic to their sites. Last year I wrote a blog post that warns businesses about getting stuck thinking about search engine optimization and higher rankings in a certain, extremely common way. Otherwise they risk ending up in very big trouble and increase their odds of wasting a tremendous amount of money and time.

5.) – Perhaps you’ve been there. You’re on the road (well, not literally of course because you don’t use your phone while driving, do you?), conducting business from your phone when, before you can warn everyone you’ll be out of the loop until you get to your charger, your phone dies. Kaput. This app, Last Message, allows you to create a list of VIP contacts, and those VIP contacts will automatically be alerted when your phone unexpectedly quits, meaning they’ll know why you’re suddenly MIA. This is a great concept not just for business but for personal use; think how relieved mom will be to know she can’t reach you because you have a dead battery, not because you simply don’t want to talk to her anymore.

Erin Pheil is the owner of TimeForCake Creative Media. Visit her company’s website at or email Erin at

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