Pheil: Imaging system technology aims to reduce melanoma death rate |

Pheil: Imaging system technology aims to reduce melanoma death rate

Backed by the expertise of leading scientists from MIT and Harvard, Constellation is the first imaging system that provides full body “skin mapping” and the ongoing monitoring of moles and skin changes — which are often warning signs of skin cancer.

The technology isn’t yet available to consumers, but their website ( is quite interesting. The company behind Constellation is aiming to ensure a full body scan (done at home) takes less than 30 seconds, is simple and easy to complete, provides a “mole map” that can be quickly shared with one’s doctor, and is affordable for consumers and commercial segments at a price point of less than $2,500.

The odds of any one of us developing melanoma are just 1 in 50, and prevention saves lives — it may perhaps save yours or the life of someone you love dearly. Drop your email into the box at the bottom of the site to be kept up to date as Constellation moves forward.

Tech fact of the week: tablet sales exploding

Forecasts developed by the International Data Corporation (IDC) are calling for tablet sales to blow past personal computer (both desktop and laptop) sales within the next two years. Times they are a-changin’. Fast.

Grab bag: Your three links of the week

1. — Pet lovers, are you sitting down? Yes? Well, the time is drawing near. According to Con Slobodchikoff, an animal behaviorist, researcher and professor emeritus at Northern Arizona University, devices that actually enable us to talk directly to our pets won’t be the stuff of science fiction much longer.

2. — Apparently, when it comes to cyber attacks, we’ve been worrying about the wrong things. Imagine our entire banking system going down. (Thanks to Jeff Cospolich for the great share.)

3. — Why are there 12,000 sensors buried under the asphalt of the old Spanish port city of Santander? Because Santander is a prototype for the European “smart city.” The sensors measure everything from air pollution to the location of free parking spaces and “can even tell garbage collectors which dumpsters are full, and automatically dim street lights when no one is around.” Exceptionally promising? A little scary? Read this fascinating article and learn more about the wonders of smart cities.

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