Pheil: Read a book in under 90 minutes? |

Pheil: Read a book in under 90 minutes?

If you only look at one link I share this year, look at this one. The coolest part: you’ll be able to test out the technology featured in the article right after you read about it.

As the author states bluntly in the first sentence of the article, the reading game is about to change, folks.

Researchers have long known we can improve our reading speed by changing the way our eyes move across words on a page or screen. A software developer out of Boston has recently taken this information and applied it to the digital world in a way that manipulates the format of the words we read to amazingly, instantly, massively boost just about anyone’s reading speed.

How does it work? Researchers have determined there’s an “Optimal Recognition Point” (ORP) that’s slightly left of the center of every word we read; it’s the exact point at which our brain says “Oh! I know what word this is!”

The new technology makes that ORP letter red, and shows all of a text’s ORPs at the same exact spot on a screen. This means our eyes don’t move at all when we’re reading, and we can spend our brain power processing content more quickly.

Try it. Scroll down to the bottom of the article here and give it a whirl. How fast can you read while still maintaining comprehension? Two hundred fifty words per minute? Five hundred words per minute? One thousand?

Grab Bag: Your Four Links of the Week

1. – Right up there with the speed reading breakthrough I just mentioned a moment ago, this is definitely one of the more fascinating concepts I’ve come across with recently. According to author and inventor Ray Kurzweil of Google, sooner than you think, we’ll be connecting to “the Cloud” directly from our brains. My goodness this is an exciting time to be alive.

2. – Fan of QR codes? Skeptic of QR codes? This article’s author claims QR codes are dead/dying and are being replaced by easier to use apps. An interesting article, but an even more interesting and lively debate below the article (currently at 54 comments, with the most recent one posted last month despite the article being a year old now).

3. – This is the video you want to watch if you have any curiosity surrounding what breaking glass looks like when filmed at an astounding 100 million (yes, I said million) frames per second.

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