Pheil: Using NNTO in the subject line of an email |

Pheil: Using NNTO in the subject line of an email

Erin Pheil
Special to the Daily

If you’ve never received an email with the letters NNTO in the subject line, read on.

If you have received an email with the letters NNTO in the subject line, chances are you Googled what they meant, and hopefully you’re using NNTO when it’s applicable in emails you send out to others. (But if you didn’t Google it out of laziness or because you thought it was a typo or they were simply nonsense letters, read on.)

When we have an extremely quick note to send to someone (think “Be home in 15 min”), texting is oftentimes the best application — but not always.

Sometimes we’re trying to reach people who aren’t attached at the hip to their phones, other times we’re communicating with a client and texting wouldn’t be appropriate, and other times we’re simply replying directly to an email we received.

In cases like these, instead of typing a subject into the subject line and then typing our short note into the body of an email, save yourself and your email recipient time by typing your note into the email’s subject line followed by NNTO.

NNTO stands for “No need to open.” Using these letters tells the recipient they can instantly delete your email and they don’t need to tap it and pull it open if they’re on their phone because there will be nothing in it. It’s quick, it’s like a text, it’s efficient.

So, if you ever find yourself sending a super quick, extremely short email note to someone, out of courtesy and respect for their time and to save yourself a second or two as well, say what you want to say right in the subject line and add NNTO right at the end. Then hit send.

Your three Links of the Week

1. – StayFocused is an app that was created specifically for those who are really, really serious about eliminating procrastination problems from their work days. Tell StayFocused when you’d like to really start staying focused and for how long. During your specified time period, StayFocused will block all websites that aren’t on your pre-designated “okay” list. But be warned: you better really want to stay focused during this time, as there’s no way to undo the block once it’s started.

2. – Apps that turn your photos into watercolors aren’t new. In fact, your phone probably has a feature that will, right this very second, let you apply a wide variety of different artistic effects to your photos. The thing is, many of those effects aren’t very impressive. Waterlogue is one of the most realistic watercolor apps I’ve seen, with a wide variety of settings, including brush wetness. It produces results that are often art worthy, beautiful watercolor representations.

3. – One of the more hilarious video outlets on the Web (because you do need another, right?), Found Footage Fest posts short clips from the oh-so-many VHS tapes their team members find after scouring the online and offline world for you every day. Love watching throwaway outtakes from the 1980s? Enjoy, and you’re welcome.

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