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Opinion | Morgan Liddick: Consider the world you’d like to create

Morgan Liddick
On Your Right
Morgan Liddick lives in Summit County. His column appears in every Tuesday in the Summit Daily News.
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It’s time to face the truth. In one week, we’ll have to make a choice between a loudmouth boor and a self-serving, sociopathic liar for president. The following may help.

Forget that Hillary’s emails are again under FBI investigation. The agency’s collective gag reflex was going to be triggered sooner or later by nauseating revelations of something. No, this is not the result of some obscure inquiry into the sexual predilections of Huma Abedin’s husband; it’s a maneuver to save the shreds of FBI credibility in light of what is oozing out about the cozy relationship between the White House, its executive organs and bribery. That Attorney General Lynch is incensed by it only shows how far the rot has gone.

Instead, consider the world you’d like to make with your vote. Be honest.

Are you content with your job and income? Is it the situation you’d like years from now? Vote for Hillary: you’ll get the same two-percent per annum average GDP growth as far as the eye can see. And if she and her union pals double the minimum wage, wait before rejoicing: you’ll have zero income if the boss decides to fire you so that others can be paid more. Think we can do better? Vote Trump.

Satisfied with the state of race relations in the country? Vote Hillary. She and her fellow “diversity” advocates will continue to celebrate every sort of hyphenated American save those whose forebears came from Europe. They will continue heaping scorn on those who believe there is only one America, and who express skepticism about the crackpot theory that unity can be pursued through stressing differences, rather than similarities. Relying on advice from the racists of “Black Lives Matter” to “bring us together” is only one of the lunacies we’ll get more of from President Hillary. Think it’s time for a different approach? Vote Trump.

Complacent about the Federal Debt? Vote for Hillary. She thinks nothing of laying off onto our grandchildren a debt so large that, if Washington did nothing but pay it off it would take seven years. A few more years of deficits at the current level and our debt will be insurmountable by any means save those of the late Weimar Republic. So if you’d like hyperinflation with your economic stagnation, pull the lever for her. If that doesn’t strike you as a good idea, vote Trump, and make certain he has a Republican Congress with which to work.

Happy with a tax system that takes a Ph.D. in integrated balanced double entry accounting and a Deep Blue-level computer to navigate successfully? Vote Hillary. You’ll get more of the same. Want something more sensible? Vote Trump. And don’t bother with people “scoring” his tax plan — most ignore the Congressional half of the deficit equation and calculate statically, not dynamically; they also disregard the historical record — or when pushed, distort it.

Like your health care? Vote Hillary. No, you didn’t get to keep your plan or your doctor, and you’re still waiting for your $2,500 a year in savings, but don’t worry: she’ll see you get what she thinks you deserve. Or vote Trump, and get health care that works on more rational principles, like choice and competition.

Pleased with the way international affairs are unfolding? Vote Hillary. She’s the architect behind policies that see Russia chewing pieces off its neighbors, China challenging us and our allies in the South China Sea, the KGB-Shiite axis establishing control across a broad strategic arc in the Middle East, and Iran becoming a regional hegemon. Not to mention the hell that is Aleppo and the chaos of Libya. Or, vote Trump and get a president who doesn’t think “nation building” is the keystone of this country’s security, but who will speak and act abroad with American interests foremost in mind.

In 1923, Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall sold U.S. Government energy assets for $400,000. If you think he was clever, vote Hillary: she bested his efforts, selling about one-quarter of U.S. strategic reserves of uranium to a group of Russian oligarchs for a far bigger “consideration.” But if this sort of commerce gives you pause, vote Trump: at least he won’t rent the White House out.

If you think half of your fellow citizens are “deplorable,” or “irredeemable,” or just plain “stupid,” pull the lever for Hillary and prove her right. Or vote for Trump and show her you don’t care for condescension, graft, corruption and continuous, bald-faced lying in the chief executive.

Because there are futures to weigh, with seven days left.

Morgan Liddick writes a weekly column for the Summit Daily News.

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