Donna Manns: Missing Bush |

Donna Manns: Missing Bush

Donna Manns
Duluth, Minn.

I have never written a letter to the Editor but after reading “It’s time to stand with our president” in the Summit Daily News on Feb. 3, I just had to open my computer.

The middle class is about to be put on the chopping block. Discussed new taxes, new fees at all levels of government, and the loss of charitable donation and home mortgage deductions from federal income tax will create a very different final annual income.

Here’s the reality of magnitude of the 2011 budget. George Clooney helped raise $66 million for Haitian relief. It would take the same amount raised every day for 158 years to pay for Obama’s 2011 budget. Here’s the math: $66,000,000 x 365 days a year x 158 years equals $3,806,220,000,000. The average American citizen cannot fathom this amount of money. Reality time has arrived. Common sense has disappeared.

Stopping the moon space program and using that money to study global warming? Didn’t he hear the news? Two weeks prior to the Copenhagen conference the English scientists admitted to falsifying years of data pertaining to the earth’s climate. There is NO proof that global warming is man made!

Creating jobs? Whose policies have caused them to be lost? The unemployment rate has doubled to 10 percent in 2009; that’s 15.3 million, yes, million fellow citizens. The current cost to create one job is estimated at $413,000! Another amazing number:

15.3 million x 413,000 = $6,318,900,000,000. The government sector is the only sector showing growth. Let’s use proven fiscal responsible methods to bring our national debt into line and to create jobs: tax cuts across the board for citizens and all businesses, extend the Bush tax cuts, eliminate pork, no more bailouts, and no more buying votes.

Obama is a speech giver – 200 in six months. Speech writers and many teleprompters is all it takes – even when talking with grade school classes!!!

Obama asked for this job. It’s his job to make serious decisions. Too bad they aren’t in line with American values and not his personal agenda – socialism. If he respected us, he wouldn’t be ruining the American dream with his fiscal irresponsibility.

I challenge the author to listen to Fox News for one month to get another perspective on our government’s activities. This station is balanced – they have both parties represented in all interviews. Fox News has more viewers than all the other channels have, put together. That should tell you something.

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