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Editorial: Google and the Summit Daily News

You may have noticed a change this week to the Summit Daily News website, summitdaily.com. In lieu of putting our content behind a paywall, we’re opting to use Google Consumer Surveys. The process is simple, and when you think about it, not much of a hassle at all: When you click on a summitdaily.com article, Google will ask you a basic question. There are no wrong answers. Two clicks and you’re done for the next 24 hours. To be clear, you don’t have to answer a question every time you access a summitdaily.com article. Just once a day.

So what’s the deal with the survey? We’ll let the folks at Google explain: “These surveys contain questions written and provided by survey creators that want to conduct market research. The website you’re visiting earns money from the surveys that appear. This service makes market research fast, accurate and affordable, helps to fund great web content and enables you easily and quickly get access to it. Your answer is anonymous and is aggregated with all other anonymous answers to the question. It’s not connected with any information about you, and is not used to develop a profile or to deliver ads. Once the survey is complete, an aggregated report is provided to the survey creator about the specific question it asked. Like ads on the web, some surveys may be delivered to you based on the interests and inferred demographics associated with your browser.”

That’s basically it. We believe it is a relatively low-key change to content access. Just two extra clicks a day. That’s all.

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