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Editorial: Thanks, Summit County

Summit Daily Editorial Board

Some blessings are easier to see than others.

As we continue to struggle through a slowly recovering economy, many Summit County residents who are unemployed or under-employed will have a tough time this Thanksgiving being particularly chipper. And it’s at this point that we’re best served by remembering that seldom do so-called “good times” last forever. Remember the dot-com boom and bust and of late the subprime lending boom and bust? So many believed those good times would be the status quo for quite some time (although some grumpy Cassandras accurately predicted otherwise).

Throughout the past several decades locally we’ve also seen busts in housing, mining and even skiing brought on by lack of snowfall in the pre-snowmaking days. There’s no shortage of fresh and historic bad news to focus on if that is what one chooses to do.

We suggest that is not where one should focus their thoughts on this holiday.

All of us have something for which to be thankful, even if it is but a small blessing.

Perhaps what’s most encouraging this Thanksgiving is the way our community continues to turn out to support our own. There’s the Adopt-an-Angel gift program for kids; the troop packages being sent overseas to Summit County sons and daughters in uniform; free dinners being served today in Breckenridge and Silverthorne; food-drive activity everywhere you turn; and the ongoing individual benefits for people who really need it.

The adage that people come to Summit County for the winter and stay for the summer may hold some truth, but the real second part of that is we stay for the community – the people who truly make this place special.

Hang onto that, along with your drumstick, and keep it up, Summit County. The numbers are starting to look better already … and 2010 is right around the corner.

-The Summit Daily Editorial Board consists of Jim Morgan, Alex Miller, Ryan Wondercheck, Matt Sandberg, Morgan Liddick and Howard Hallman.

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