Give it up for Summit County, the best place in the world |

Give it up for Summit County, the best place in the world

To define the true value of a community, you should not look at how much people make or how much the average home costs – but you should look at how much people give.

Give to the community. Support the nonprofit organizations. How much they give to their church or synagogue. Give to their fellow man and woman.

Summit County has a very high value because we are a community of givers.

I am invited to just about every fundraiser in the county because I am a county commissioner. I can only attend about half of them. I try to give to all of them but fail miserably. I give what I can.

We made a big deal out of it last year when The Summit Foundation exceeded $5 million in total grants awarded for its history.

Five million dollars. That is a huge chunk of change. All of that money came from you. The Summit Foundation does not create income. The money given away came from our community. I am so proud of all of you.

I managed to go to two fundraisers in three hours Saturday. Fortunately, they were both in Silverthorne, so there was an economy of scale. Many people came out for both events. Many of the same people went to both of them. That is what givers do.

People give out of a selfish interest in wanting to help others. It makes you feel good to give. Open your wallet, drop a couple of hundred dollars in the kitty, and see how you feel. Later, when you have time to think about what you have done, you can actually feel the pride in having helped accomplish some major project or having fed a bunch of kids or having provided health care to those who can’t afford it.

The church my wife and I attend in Boulder actually sends its members to Mexico, South America and Africa to build schools and medical facilities.

Talk about putting feet on your money. My church is not trying to convince anyone to believe the way it believes.

It is trying to show people around the world there are a bunch of believers in Boulder who care about them and their needs.

We have all heard the saying, “What would Jesus do?” I think what Jesus would do is grab a hammer and a handful of nails and start building. After all, he is a carpenter. Since when did your dollars go so far?

I also belong to a bunch of environmental organizations that do work nationally and internationally.

There, my membership fee and any other donations actually go to work on the ground in places I will never visit. Giving money to people in far-away places to do things to make the entire world a better place is about as good as it gets.

My other passion is free speech and the importance it has in the very fabric of our nation.

I belong to a couple of national organizations that work very hard to protect this right.

I am not doing this so much for myself but for my six grandchildren. I want them to know the First Amendment the same way I do today.

I am so proud of Summit County, I could just about bust. This is the very best place in the world to live and it is populated by the very best people on this planet.

You should all give yourselves a group pat on the back for all you do to make this place a truly valuable community.

County Commissioner Gary Lindstrom is a regular Thursday columnist in the Summit Daily News. On this day, we couldn’t agree with him more.

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