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Opinion | Kim McGahey: Do you know what your local council is doing?

Kim McGahey
Conservative Common Sense

After reading the Wednesday, May 19, Summit Daily News, which many Summit County conservatives avoid, I found it hard to determine who is more un-American: the Breckenridge Town Council for considering usurping individual property rights in the name of workforce housing or the Frisco Town Council for embracing critical race theory by calling the Declaration of Independence a racist document.

Over the past year, these socialist town councils were implementing draconian policies for mask mandates, business closures, Black Lives Matter murals, rat telephone lines to law enforcement, thinly veiled threatening messages from unelected bureaucrats at the Summit County health department and other more subtle gestures to spread fear as a means to control our local population.

But now, they’re actively weaponizing public policy against a specific race and socioeconomic group.

Didn’t we determine as a society and a culture in the 1960s that skin color was irrelevant? Didn’t the Emancipation Proclamation signed by President Abraham Lincoln end slavery? And didn’t the Civil Rights Act of 1964 signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson give equal rights to all people no matter what their skin color? Haven’t we taught our kids to be colorblind since then?

Yet the Frisco Town Council is seriously considering taking public policy advice from a critical race theory consultant group called the National League of Cities’ Race, Equity and Leadership, which believes our Declaration of Independence principle that “all men are created equal” is a racist statement derived from a white supremacist document.

Frisco residents, beware of elitist council members who think they can identify you because of your perceived ignorance about past atrocities caused by people of your skin color.

And the Breckenridge Town Council is seriously considering taking public policy advice from a statist committee that says it is appropriate for the government to usurp citizens’ private property rights. So if you own a house in the town of Breckenridge, beware that your elitist council members may be coming to change the use of your property without your permission or a public vote.

Both councils are competing to see who can be more guilty of wearing the emperor’s new clothes. Neither wants to be accused of being racist or insensitive by cancel culture. So they each in their own chambers go beyond the pale to demonstrate how socially acceptable and woke they can be.

And the flowery, unintelligible language they use to cover their guilt seems like gibberish to the rest of us middle-class, working stiffs. Just tell us the truth in plain English, and we’ll decide what is right. Keep all the fancy social justice jargon to a dull roar and just give us the facts, ma’am.

Summit County and Colorado residents, taxpayers and voters need to pay attention and be well-informed. Otherwise, these socialist town councils will slip a mickey in on us just like the Summit School District Board of Education did last week with its rubber stamp of the Just and Equitable Education policy.

These liberal Democrats want to control us. They think we are stupid and that they know better than us how to manage our lives. If they can keep us in crisis about losing our use of personal property or questioning our founding documents, then they can keep us dependent on them and keep control of our lives. Let it never be so.

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