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Opinion | Kim McGahey: Parents must block critical race theory in Summit schools

Kim McGahey
Conservative Common Sense

Summit School District has been under siege from a social justice warrior for the past year. Superintendent Marion Smith Jr. has imported his radical left philosophy and imposed critical race theory on unsuspecting Summit County students, parents and teachers.

During hiring interviews, did the local school board members bother to ask him what philosophy he would use to administer our school district? Was he quizzed on his left-wing background or his goals to transform the local population with his radical social justice agenda? Why are school board members now surprised and disappointed by Smith’s agenda to the point where a 50% vote of no confidence has surfaced by the board? It’s further unsettling that the board’s decision was made with no discussion or public comment.

Social justice and critical race theory are causing tremendous parental concern in Summit County and across America.

Social justice is often defined by diversity, inclusion and equity. Whenever you see those labels, you can be certain the victimization and entitlement mentality is in play, and the elites like Smith will do everything in their power to reallocate all available resources at their disposal in the direction of supposedly dispossessed groups. In our culture, those groups are Blacks, Hispanics, LGBT and other minorities perceived by white liberals as victims of systemic racism from our founding past and white supremacy that dominates our present.

Critical race theory is fast becoming America’s new institutional orthodoxy, yet most Summit County parents have never heard of it. It has its origin in the Karl Marx theory of class conflict. In short, Karl Marx believed workers would tire of the imbalance of power in capitalism and would revolt: The classic haves versus have nots dressed up as oppressors over the oppressed.

According to Marx, the workers would eventually seize the means of production, overthrow the capitalist class and usher in a new socialist society.

However, that revolutionary overthrow never happened in any capitalist societies. So in the 1960s, the Marx class conflict theory of oppressors versus the oppressed was adapted to fit the civil rights struggle and applied to the social and racial unrest of that decade.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision of improved status for Black Americans through the content of their character and not the color of their skin was hijacked by leftists who saw an opportunity to insert the victimization and entitlement mentality into the fight for civil rights.

Fifty years later, King’s noble vision of equality has reversed into the identity politics standard of equity. Now, critical race theory says the color of your skin is more important than the content of your character. Equality is defined as everyone being treated equally. Equity is equal outcomes for dispossessed groups regardless of merit or rule of law.

In this philosophy, racism is considered normal: Whites are incapable of being nonracist, equality and rule of law are questioned, and there is no objective knowledge outside of systemic racism.

How does this philosophical battle affect Summit School District? A document titled Summit School District Policy for Just and Equitable Education goes into great detail about how every facet of education and activities delivered by the district will henceforth recognize that “historic decisions and current inequitable practices within education advantage certain students while disadvantaging others. Black students, Indigenous students, students of color, students with disabilities, English language learners, immigrants and refugees, and LGBTQ+ students have all been negatively impacted by the institution of education. (Summit School District) commits to address systemic inequities and eliminate opportunity gaps through the actions outlined in this document.”

The document goes on to elaborate specifically how social justice goals will be achieved in curriculum, sports, activities and related policies. This is a frightening outline that every Summit County parent and resident should read.

A growing number of parents are getting together to find ways to block the spread of the quasi-Marxist critical race theory in schools. Summit parents need to do the same and reject this racist, un-American doctrine. We should seek to improve our country, not overthrow it.

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