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Opinion | Kim McGahey: Put God back in the lineup this July Fourth

Kim McGahey
Conservative Common Sense

God and country. Faith, family and freedom. These are fightin’ words in today’s wacky, woke world. But for most Americans who are not immersed in The New York Times culture wars, these are words of patriotism, fellowship and reassurance that need to be celebrated this July Fourth weekend and every day of the year.

Our country and our county have been torn apart by a chain saw massacre of identity politics, social justice and a party in control that loves political power more than it loves our country. We have been manipulated by progressive elites, from our town council chambers to our halls of Congress, who know how to use this divide-and-conquer strategy to keep the huddled masses bickering among themselves while their socialist shackles are drawn ever tighter.

When will Summit County and America wake up from the wokeness that is suffocating our freedom? When will we see that the left is stealing our rights? How far from the founders do we have to travel before we realize we are on the road to destruction?

It’s not haves versus have-nots. It’s not about income inequality, racial justice or political correctness. It’s not that our culture needs to be fundamentally changed or that we are an inherently evil empire hell bent on oppressing people that are threatened by our individual success and collective exceptionalism.

It’s more about the fact that we live in the most benevolent society in human history that has done more to raise the standard of living, provide a clean and healthy existence, and serve as a beacon of freedom for others throughout the world.

We have been given a republic, if we can keep it, that allows us the liberty to make choices. We can choose to do our duty, obey the laws, support our families and contribute to society while being left alone. Or we can choose to drop out of school, have tax-subsidized children out of wedlock, engage in the drug culture and be a social parasite that lives at the public trough.

Unfortunately, people that make bad choices are now supported — even glorified in the press — by local, state and federal governments that encourage small bits of our population to make unreasonable demands on the larger percentage of Americans.

The tail is wagging the dog when it comes to tearing down statues of a heroic, national patriot like Abraham Lincoln and raising statues of a drug addict, criminal like George Floyd. Or when the local school board refuses to ask a superintendent candidate any questions submitted by dozens of concerned parents about improving the quality of education in our schools. Or when the crushing welfare state is spread liberally without a local voter mandate. Or when the slime of guaranteed equal outcomes in critical race theory oozes into our schools, our military and our government bureaucracies forcing students, soldiers and county workers to bend a knee to the equity demanded by the almighty state.

Instead, we should stand for the flag and take a knee to the cross. Our great country, and all the beautiful corners of it like our dear Summit County, owes its greatness to the blessings of God. Yet we have done everything possible to remove God from our schools, our government, our sports and our culture as a whole. Somehow we think we can do all this on our own without the divine guidance that made our freedom possible to begin with.

Faith, family and freedom are what separate us from dictatorships in banana republics around the world. We cannot afford to let our local elected officials take those pillars of our community away from us. If we sacrifice our liberty on the altar of entitlement, then Main Streets across Colorado will fall followed quickly by mainstream America.

Let’s put God back in the lineup this July Fourth weekend and every day from now on. Let “we the people” run the country and relegate the government to fill the potholes and shoot off the fireworks.

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