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Opinion | Kim McGahey: Residents must call foul on this grave injustice

Kim McGahey
Conservative Common Sense

Fear and loathing are once again in the local spotlight and making unconstitutional restraints on our First Amendment freedoms.

Vail Resorts has implemented a baseless and Draconian vaccine mandate at cafeteria-style indoor dining facilities on its mountains, and the liberal Democrats on the Summit Board of County Commissioners are requesting statewide mask and vaccine mandates from their Democratic pal Gov. Jared Polis. How long will Summit County residents tolerate this inoculation manipulation?

The local trend mimics the fearful state and national orders being handed down from Democrats in Denver and Washington, D.C. Their strategy is to keep Summit County, Colorado and America on the lemming parade through the 2022 midterm elections. They hope to extend this artificial crisis indefinitely, thus keeping election gimmicks that favor Democratic candidates, such as mail-in ballots. If they can keep the never-ending COVID-19 scare tactics dominating the 24-hour cable news cycle, then they can continue the vaccination indoctrination.

Weak-minded sheeple will keep sending misguided letters to the editor advocating that everyone blindly subject themselves to the government mandated experimental vaccines. They will maintain a heightened level of fear in order to control the masses, thus preparing the people for even greater levels of government control down the road. If we sacrifice our freedoms on little things like a mask mandate, what’s to stop a tyrannical government from imposing even greater restrictions on bigger things like your religion, your politics and your family.

Austria, Canada and Australia are examples of previously sane democratic governments that have now gone to the extreme of improperly restraining their populations. These countries share many of America’s freedom-loving attributes like speech, assembly, due process, rule of law and petitioning the government. Yet all of those liberties have been cast aside and replaced by constant government fearmongering in an attempt to create loathing of one segment of the populace by another.

This divide-and-conquer strategy is seen locally as our liberal county commissioners strongly suggest that local businesses — like our biggest employer, Vail Resorts — implement senseless mask and vaccine restrictions. Today it is a suggestion, but it likely won’t be long before it becomes a demand and then a law with penalties for noncompliance. Look at Germany’s recent lockdowns for the unvaccinated as our possible future. When will Summit County residents call foul on this grave injustice?

Too many Americans are so easily willing to give up their personal freedoms of mind and body and drink the Jim Jones Kool-Aid poured out so convincingly by Dr. Anthony Fauci and his local county commissioner accomplice Tamara Pogue.

We cannot allow our freedoms to be usurped so readily. We must hold tight to the hard-fought, long-lasting liberties that separate us from the dictatorships of Europe and the rest of the world. What we treasure in America and Summit County is the God-given right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Those unalienable rights are now severely threatened by tyrants who would try to persuade us to drink the Kool-Aid for the greater good. The occupant of the White House said it’s not about personal freedom. He’s wrong again. It is all about personal freedom and our ability as individuals to have the government work for us rather than us work for the government.

Do not be misled by those who seek to dominate you through intimidation, bullying and mind control. Their motives are purely selfish and are based solely on their desire to use a COVID-19 power grab to maintain control over individuals.

By allowing free markets and private sector innovation to create solutions, like Operation Warp Speed, and to help determine public policy, we can avoid dictatorial mandates and give every individual the choice to conduct their personal health as they see fit. This virus will continue to mutate as all viruses naturally do. It will not cause all of us to die. But an out-of-control, repressive government surely will.

Let’s return to a focus on less government, more jobs, energy independence, secure borders and a walk-softly-but-carry-a-big-stick foreign policy. That is the America we all know and love.

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