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Opinion | Linda Harmon: They are at it again

Linda Harmon
Positive Progressive Thinking

I long for the days before the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of Citizens United in 2010, allowing dark money to flow into grassroots elections. It’s hard to prove where the money and ideas for the divisive political movements we’ve seen in Summit County, like the 4 for the Kids campaign, are being conceived. We know they have been duplicated throughout Colorado and the United States, leading one to believe they are products of dark money masterminds. Presented as nonpartisan, they are often tied to ultra-conservative, large money groups like Citizens United and MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

Unfortunately, with the 2010 Supreme Court ruling, special-interest groups can collect funds from dark money groups making it difficult to track the source. They appear as impartial, civic-minded groups interested in local government affairs, but they are tied to very intentional purposes that will have negative results for the normal, hardworking people of Summit County.

CT3Summit, Come to the Table, is one such group. They claim on their Facebook page to be “a nonpartisan, grassroots group in Summit County seeking to unite, empower and educate our community.” However, when you view their page, they have numerous anti-vax posts, several feeds about supporting parents protesting masks at Summit School District, and they support the destructive and superfluous Freedom Truckers Convey. Additionally, members of the group were outspoken about their stance on critical race theory in the Summit School District, even though the district technically does not teach critical race theory.

I am not against people supporting ideas that are different than mine, but I appreciate them being honest about their intentions. Do not teach “know your Constitution” classes and then condemn people who have different beliefs. The idea of the Constitution was to prevent one voice from having too much control through checks and balances and requiring complete disclosure of intentions. By saying you are seeking to unite, empower and educate Summit County, and then promoting very partisan issues, is dishonest.

Thomas Jefferson, one of the framers of the Constitution said, “Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom.” CT3Summit is sending out surveys to candidates for town council in Summit County. The survey asks some interesting questions under the illusion of having open and objective conversations. They plan to reveal on Facebook the answers submitted by the candidates, and it’s doubtful they will be supportive of those who do not fall into their conservative model, even though they claim to be nonpartisan.

It is obvious that they are a conservative-leaning organization when they ask, “Do we have a racism problem in our county?” As well as “Do we have a classism problem in our county?” The survey also asks if government should play a role in private business and whether candidates prefer big government or local, state and federal rights?

Be honest about which side of the political aisle you stand on. Don’t claim to be a nonpolitical organization when it’s glaringly apparent that you are trying to expose candidates who aren’t supporting your very extreme goals of anti-vax medical freedom. It’s fine if you disagree with vaccination mandates, but don’t pretend to be a group that wants to bring all of Summit County together, especially when more than 85% of our residents are fully vaccinated.

Because I believe in democracy and the Constitution, I fully support organizations on all sides that are looking to elect candidates who stand with certain issues. What I don’t like is this very manipulative approach of luring voters into believing you support candidates from both conservative and liberal sides, that your sole objective is to educate and unite the community. The very nature of how you are seeking information from town council candidates is downright deceptive.

The real question is why CT3Summit is going about claiming they are middle ground and their whole purpose is to have residents “come to the table.” I believe it’s because they can’t win voter approval in a community that is as progressive as Summit County without being underhanded and deceitful. They can’t be straightforward about their true goals because most voters in Summit County will not support their efforts.

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