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Opinion | Scott M. Estill: Welcome to the year of the tiger

Scott M. Estill
Challenges, Choices, Changes

As we rapidly approach the countdown to 2022, it is important to take a few moments to reflect on 2021 as we transition into another year on the calendar.

If you are one of the approximately 50% of the population who makes a New Year’s resolution, or at least part of the 75% of the population who wants to learn something new, congratulations. Surprisingly, only 25% of the population has absolutely no interest in doing anything in 2022. I would have expected this number to be much larger, but then again, my sample size might be on the small size for me to judge.

The unwelcome news is that on Jan. 1, only about half of those who make any resolution actually have confidence that they will succeed. And they’d be right. On Feb. 1, more than one-third have already lost the game. By the end of the year, a full 90% or so of the population will have failed at the goals they set Jan. 1. A batting average of .100 will not get you into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Furthermore, the vast majority of resolutions concern personal health, wealth and various forms of self-improvement. If we know that most of these will fail, what about if we changed the game and focused outward instead of inward in 2022? Instead of focusing on ourselves, perhaps we should instead motivate ourselves to helping society as a whole. The problem with thinking bigger, of course, is where to begin? In this era of global crises (societal division, pandemic, climate change, famine and war, among others), it seems as though anything we do is pushing up against insurmountable odds.

When things seem overwhelming on a grand scale, it is usually time to step back, take a deep breath and consider the options. And when things seem too big, go small and think local. Think about your neighbors in Dillon and Breckenridge. Consider those who might be in need around the county. It’s so easy to help any of the numerous local charities with a few dollars here and there.

But what about if you took it one step further and donated some time or other resources to a worthy endeavor of your choice? A good starting point is The Summit Foundation. The nonprofit’s website made it easy for me to search through 15 organizations that are involved with arts and culture, 28 for health services, 14 for environment causes and 32 that help youths. If you can’t find something you support among these 89 charitable causes, you aren’t looking hard enough or need more assistance than any charitable website could possibly provide.

These choices do not begin to count the number of options when the county’s places of worship are included. Name one church, temple or other religious group that is turning away volunteers from its charitable causes.

Donate food and clothing, furniture and electronics. The demand is there, but not the supply. This is one supply-chain issue that we can correct.

In the Chinese horoscope, 2022 is the year of the tiger. More specifically, the water tiger. And while the Chinese New Year doesn’t officially start until Feb. 1, the water tiger symbolizes major changes that are in store. Though adversity, unforeseen changes and difficult challenges lie ahead, 2022 will give us a chance to examine our strengths and values and to contribute in a positive way to the changes that are coming.

Instead of trying to remove something from your life, what about making a resolution to add something? It always is much easier to start a new (and hopefully good) habit than break a bad one. I will still be drinking Coke even though I realize it is not a healthy choice. But I also will be devoting more time to serving others, in whatever shape or form that may take. I put myself at the top of the list as someone who needs to do more. I can do better, and so can you!

Happy New Year, and cheers to a safe, healthy and exciting 2022.

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