How about a "Mountain Margaritaville’? |

How about a "Mountain Margaritaville’?

Whitney Childers

A couple weeks ago I was walking my dog (yes, on a leash) along the bike path near the Frisco marina.

When, out of nowhere I could have sworn I saw Jimmy Buffett. He was wading through the sand – “er dirt – playing his guitar and singing something about mountains and margaritas.

It went something like this.

“SWasted away again in Mountain Margaritaville,

Searchin’ for my brand new canoe.

Some people claim there’s Denver to blame,

But I know it’s Mother Nature’s fault.

Don’t know the reason for this low lake,

Stayed here all season

With nothing to show, not even the snow.

But the lake’s still a real beauty,

Despite seeing more sand, I feel it’s my duty

to come up with a plan,

But, I haven’t a clue what to do.

Wasted away again in Mountain Margaritaville…”

OK, I’ll admit I was daydreaming and that I’ll never make it as a songwriter. Somewhere between my conscious and subconscious I really wanted to see Jimmy Buffett. I think I just wanted to see something better than dirt and sand stretching for what seemed like miles.

Realistically, we all know our beloved “Lake Dillon” is pretty much a sham. Mother Nature may have helped us humans, but let’s face it – it’s a man-made contraption and that means, some years, we face disappointing water levels.

This summer is one of those years.

Many businesses, including our marinas, are worried about tourism business because of the low lake level. Though, they are keeping an optimistic outlook, which is sage advice we all should heed. But, I – and I’m sure many others – caught a glimpse of those long and sandy-dirt-type beaches and thought this lemon could be made sweeter. It just takes a little creativity.

We could take Jimmy Buffet’s lead and turn our mountain oasis into a summer-long beach party. A little too strange? Maybe not.

I mentioned my ridiculous idea to my neighbors last weekend. They had just come home from a jaunt to see the reservoir and our now-infamous beaches. They had the same thought too – fruity beach drinks, lawn chairs, canopy umbrellas with maybe a little Beach Boys music mixed inS

I gained a little more confidence and mentioned my idea to co-workers and friends – they had the same inclinations too (though, they might have intended them to be in jest).

Regardless, it’s certainly an option Frisco and Dillon should consider. If drier weather continues, we may be forced to cancel fireworks on July Fourth. But, we still want to attract visitors to the county to spend money and enjoy the area.

The towns could host beach parties. And the marinas and bike shops could sell 2 for 1’s, “Rent a bike and get a lawn chair.” Of course, we might have to include nose plugs, given the fact that parts of the beaches are a little smelly.

But, hey, we could market it.

If the Thigh Master can be sold, so can “Mountain Margaritaville.”

There’s my idea. What’s yours?

Send me your ideas for turning our Lake Dillon lemon into lemonade. We just might come up with a brilliant idea, and, have a little fun in the meantime.

Whitney Childers is the editor of the Summit Daily News and has no intentions of becoming a songwriter (whewS) She may be reached at (970) 668-3998, ext. 227 or

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