Immigration from capitalism |

Immigration from capitalism


What gets lost in all the talk of solutions to illegal immigration is the simple premise of “why” so many en masse are fleeing to our country for a better life; yet, understanding and accepting the “why” is a challenging step our country must take before we can build an effective program.First and foremost, the why doesn’t exist along the border between Mexico and the United States, where some Americans are asking for a wall to be built.The why doesn’t sit in some of our living rooms or poor neighborhoods, where the allegiance to family triumphs above law.The why doesn’t even live at the capital, which is debating a bill to overhaul immigration laws, including the guest-worker proposal.The “why” lies in our history. For two centuries, our country has promoted itself as the place where, no matter your upbringing, background or country of origin, if you work hard, you can succeed. Our country has never added, with any sincerity, “and if you fill out the necessary paperwork,” because in the land of ideals, clarifying the potential has superceded detailing the bureaucracy. This is the turning point where we now stand. The premise for “America: Land of the Free, Home of the Brave” serves as the slogan for those in the world who wish to emulate our quality of life. If we build a wall, for one, it contradicts both ideas “brave” and “free.”In an ideal world, looking at the why should lead us away from semantics and into a larger debate about the disparity of wealth, not only between our country’s rich and poor, but the disparity of wealth between nations. As long as a promise of a better life exists the U.S., and we are not doing all we can to strengthen our neighboring economies, the path to get here will be beaten and full, no matter the barriers we put in place.Ideals aside, it is doubtful that our political leaders will take on the bigger, global issues in the near future, due to the competitive nature of today’s world economy, which is simply perpetuating the problem. If we choose only to stiffen our borders without working toward a balance of rights and wages in the world, our slogan could rightfully be rephrased to, “America: Open 9-5 on Mondays and Tuesdays.” At least then, our position in the world as a capitalist, above all else, will be better known.

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