It’s not over |

It’s not over


Is the presidential election over? Not if you read our letters to the editor. Here in good old Summit County, we’re still battling it out.We suspect that’s how it’s going to be for the next four years with the second Bush administration. The Democrats in Congress won’t likely be rolling over and playing dead, especially when it comes to the inevitable Supreme Court nominations.Although we endorsed the loser, we salute President Bush for running a campaign that produced clarity for 51 percent of the nation’s voters. Kerry couldn’t counterpunch, and that was part of his undoing.Additionally, Kerry’s Senate record, as one letter writer pointed out many weeks ago, doomed him because of the very nature of Senate votes. The writer’s viewpoint was no senator of any party could pass a clarity test. We would add that it doesn’t help to brag you voted for something before you voted against it. Surely, Bush was clear about his beliefs, even to those who didn’t like them.Some have called for Bush to reach out to Democrats and even put a few in his administration. We don’t think he will and we don’t think he should. To the victor goes the spoils. A few token Dems wouldn’t matter, anyhow.We think Bush has a mandate to produce clarity in his second administration on issues across the board, from the environment, to energy policy, to Social Security, to tax cuts to the War on Terrorism.We want to see the full hand. It’s coming. Unfortunately, some of what we’re starting to hear was not subject to election debate.At the least, we hope Bush comes up with a realistic plan to deal with Iraq and a plan to pay for it. He said he wants to spend his new political capital. A good place to start is with some fiscal sanity and appropriate troop strengths to bring about resolution in Iraq. Catching bin Laden would be a good idea, too.Maybe Kerry was the lucky one, after all.

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