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Letter | Bird: Parting words from a long-time letter writer

Parting words from a long-time letter writer

Now being exposed to the pile of excrement that is the Supreme Court nominations, the notion that the process is a non-biased, non-political exercise is laughable.

We all know by now through his life history and at least a dozen books by some reputable authors, our President has no respect for the rule of law, the truth, demeanor, tact nor lack of chaos and distraction. His behavior at times borders on psychosis and his nominee is just an arm of his to extend his self-destructive behavior for decades.

This will be the biggest nomination of our lifetime from a criminally investigated leader of the world. He has appointed this man to do his bidding for maybe as long as 20 years. Think of your children and responsible gun legislation.

40,000 some odd documents have been hidden by this president to protect his nominee’s opinions on race, female discrimination, criminality, guns and more. As any one with a working mind knows the constitution is an imperfect document written before the airplane, but its intent was to embrace equal rights for all except at the time women and those of color. And today anyone who thinks they were created equal to Lebron James in sport or Albert Einstein in physics please speak up and call me. We are all reflective of our gene pool, socialization, color, sex and lack of good looks. And add to that, as a lawyer friend of mine during my legal days used to ask me in a facetious manner, “how much justice can this guy afford?” It’s no secret the rich can afford more justice, freedom and liberty than the not-so-rich.

We live in what might be considered an elitist economic system of capitalism, which says make as much money as you can, any way you can, as fast as you can. There must be some cogent reason why every year socialist countries outpace us in the happiness index by 14-15 or so in happiness, health, education and more. Is the modest raise in our taxes comparable to the expenditures of an American family of four for their college and 18 years of upbringing? A Republican former neighbor of mine, a drug rep for a reputable company, used to wonder aloud how the average families she serviced could afford a house , car, boat and 5 weeks of vacation a year. We had many heated discussions on the matter.

As this will be my last letter to the editor as we will be leaving Summit County at the end of the month. I wish to send my fondest adieus to those we have met in sport, work and the best neighbors any could hope for. Doctors orders just not enough oxygen here anymore as I age. We leave reluctantly.

W. Gerald Bird Jr


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