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Letter: Copper supports 1A

Copper supports Measure 1A

On behalf of Copper Mountain, we would like to show our support and endorsement of voting ‘Yes’ on 1A. We support our working families in the community and the issues related to wildfire prevention, early childhood care, recycling access and mental health services, which are all aligned with our values and beliefs. We are proud of the current coordination of efforts in the county between our government and nonprofits, and this initiative further supports that collaboration. 1A will provide tangible benefits that our community will benefit from for decades including a new full-scale recycling center, increased development of wildfire fuel breaks around neighborhoods, construction of a new early childhood center on the north end of the county, access to preschool for all 4-year-olds, and improvements to the Community and Senior Center and county libraries. We hope you agree that these would be welcome additions to our community and well-utilized by our working families. All citizens should take the opportunity on Nov. 6 to voice their opinions and support initiatives that are important to them individually.

Copper Mountain Resort Leadership Team

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